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Caring for orphans and widows can be an overlooked mandate from the Bible, but some organizations like ServeNow are helping to change that. Hear the incredible stories from the Founder and President of God’s provision and blessing around the world for the least of these on Dr. James Dobson’s program, Family Talk. Click this link or the image above.

Listen to ServeNow’s National Directors, Andrey and Tanya, talk about their life and ministry in Ukraine as well as ServeNow’s president (Ben Foley) discuss practical ways you can get involved around the world on this Ministry Focus interview with the radio station WDAC. Click this link or the image above.




Be a part of a Mission Trip team to serve those in great need! Not only will you impact others lives; your own will be too! Click here to visit the Mission Trip page of the website and find out more details!


Serve those in need around the world by:

God's Word for God's New People

Believers, especially new believers in more rural, remote and poor villages, often lack access or cannot afford their own bible/basic training. ServeNow works with a network of 1,000 churches in India, Nepal, Uganda & Ukraine distributing NT bibles and discipleship booklet’s over a period of 5-7 years through our “Basic Things You Need to Know” series. Pastors receive training and children receive  “The Story of Jesus” an illustrated comic book.

Children in Need

ServeNow desires to serve children around the world in greatest need. From a loving home for children with HIV in India, to summer camps for disadvantaged children in Ukraine/India, to providing new and safe classroom buildings for 3,000 orphans in Uganda, to sponserships for kids in India/Uganda, to hot meals for children in slums, children need someone to believe in them and be used to give them a future and a hope!

Clean Drinking Water

Beginning in April through the summer months, various parts of India face extreme heat waves and lack of water. The remote villages and slum area’s suffer the most. People will drink dirty and contaminated water, resulting in sickness and sometimes death. Fights break out over the little water that might be available. ServeNow provides clean drinking water during these months to the most vulnerable families several times a week.

Summer Camps

Each summer ServeNow hosts several camps for orphans, refugee’s, disabled and disadvantaged children in Ukraine. These are children who have never been outside their village, orphanage or home. It is an opportunity of a life-time and an experience they will remember their whole lives. Children learn about Jesus and are shown the love of God. Many end up not only coming to know Jesus as their best friend, but attending a local church upon returning home with their families!

Preventing Trafficking

Many women, especially young girls, are at great risk of being sold by their parents, getting ensnared by traffickers, or turning to prostitution having no hope of survival. But by providing skill training in area’s such as tailoring, cosmetology, baking and handicraft design, value and opportunity for a different future can be given to women at risk! ServeNow educates, trains and provides hope to those who need it most through these programs.

Medical Clinics

80% of diseases treated at ServeNow medical clinics are related to unclean drinking water. Providing clean water and free medical clinics not only serves a real need; but breaks down even religious barriers enabling local churches to show the love of Jesus in action in a way that transforms lives and communities.

Participate in these projects to make a difference

Training Materials to Equip the Church

From bibles, to discipleship resources, to pastoral training, to the “Story of Jesus” for children and more…you can equip, train and empower the church to grow strong in the faith and reach it’s community with the Gospel!

LightHouse Centers

From the slums of New Dehli to Kolkata to Hyderbad, ServeNow is serving those in greatest need through “Lighthouse Centers.” Two of these centers are for children with HIV and the other for orphans. The others, serve children and adults through various programs.

Skill Training

From tailoring to cosmetology to baking to handicraft design, ServeNow is enabling the church to serve those most vulnerable to human trafficking,while empowering women to make a decent living. You can provide hope to these women and even men through our computer and cell-phone repair training!


In Uganda, ServeNow is seeking sponsors for nearly 3,000 orphaned/disadvantaged children. Some walk miles just to go to school, half the time knowing they will be sent back home due to not having the little tuition money they need. Education is their only ticket out of poverty.

Winter Coverings

Keeping warm can be a life or death situation each year. ServeNow brings warm clothing and blankets to people in great need.

Equipping New Believers

New believers in India, Nepal, Uganda, and Ukraine are equipped with 28 guidebooks focusing on the basic things you need to know about Christianity, plus a New Testament as needed (all in their own language).

Life Skills Training

Young women, often with little to no value to their families, are offered life skills training in tailoring, cosmetology, handicraft, as well as in a baking school, to learn a marketable trade. This makes it less likely for them to be sold through trafficking.


ServeNow is operating schools in Delhi and Kolkata and assists with eight schools for 3,000 students in Uganda. Without new class rooms and school materials these children would have no education to prepare them for the future.

Medical Clinics

ServeNow provides day-long medical clinics in villages where people have never seen a doctor.With clinic’s being held nearly every week, hundreds of people receive treatment, care and prayer!

Disaster Aid

Recently, ServeNow was first on location to many of the villages that had been affected by the Nepal earthquake. We want to be able to respond quickly as the situations arise in the future.

Water For Life

When water is contaminated or has dried up, ServeNow provides truckloads of clean drinking water to villages in India. It only takes $5 to provide clean drinking water for one family for an entire month!
“We are always concerned about being good stewards of the Lord’s money. We believe that working to support local workers is the best way to make our contributions effective.” Fred Sharpe & Sherri Ross

Kingwood, TX

“We love how ServeNow serves the local Christian Church. In doing so it shows a stark contrast between Christianity and other religions. In contributing to ServeNow we feel we are following Jesus’ commandment to take care of the widows and orphans.” Robert & Vickie Schaffer

Palm Coast, FL

“When I learned about ServeNow, I was immediately struck by the level of impact that its programs are having in fulfilling the great commission and the speed at which it’s happening. My wife and I feel that this is the very reason we exist, and my becoming involved with ServeNow gives me the opportunity to pitch in myself.” Dave & Jodi Conklin

Emily, Haley, Matt, & Marc, Quarryville, PA

“The world is full of forgotten people, with no hope or opportunity. ServeNow works in the margins, in the world’s most difficult and spiritually dark places, to meet needs and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We love ServeNow’s approach because instead of imposing or adapting preconceived models of missions, ServeNow walks along side of national Christians in tough places where the Gospel is already at work, by meeting physical and spiritual needs while equipping leaders and churches!”

Kyle & Jaime Pewitt

Flower Mound, Texas

Our Mission

“Serving people in need by caring for orphans, widows, underprivileged children and youth as well as equipping the church for greater fulfillment of its ministry, and providing humanitarian assistance where needed.” ServeNow strives to fill the gaps throughout the world where there are desperate needs, but no one is meeting them. To be the most effective, ServeNow meets those needs through key national partnerships. ServeNow is a not-for-profit charity under IRS code section 501(c)3 based in Colorado Springs, CO. ServeNow is funded by individual donors, foundation, and churches. All gifts are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law. ServeNow is a member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA), signifying a commitment to the highest standards of fiscal responsibility.

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