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10 Ways You Can Give Hope

Around the world, millions are hurting and the needs are enormous. Nearly 1 in 10 people live below the poverty line—689 million people survive on less than a $1.90 a day. More than 72 million children are without education. 1.5 billion people lack access to Scripture in their heart language—that’s 1 in 5 people waiting for God’s Word!

Jesus has not forgotten their needs; neither can we. When you give to ServeNow, you meet critical needs and help the most vulnerable discover Jesus’ hope for the future. By partnering with national leaders and churches, you can help holistically transform the most vulnerable communities:

Your generosity provides physical needs that restore hope for otherwise hopeless situations. But hope isn’t found in your gift alone. That hope is found in the One who provides all things, our Lord Jesus Christ!

So, life transformation begins with your generosity. Will you consider sharing God’s love and hope with the most vulnerable in over 22 countries? Don’t wait—serve now and help those in need today!