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Medical Clinics: a Blessing for Pregnant Women

In India, there is an overwhelming need for medical clinics. There are many people in slums, remote villages and poor communities that are not able to afford basic medical care. Some people who come to ServeNow clinics have actually never even seen a doctor before and come just to see what a doctor looks like! ServeNow holds one day mobile medical clinics were people can receive treatment, counseling and basic medical care/medicine from a licensed doctor that we partner with in that area. We also offer to pray for each person and share with them about the “Great Physician”, the Lord Jesus Christ. Many people actually make comments such as Your medicine was good but your prayers even more powerful! These medical clinics become a bridge for the local church and pastor of that community to connect better with the people by meeting needs they otherwise do not have the resources to meet.

This week, the ServeNow team in India visited the slums in the outskirts of Hyderabad, where a medical camp was conducted, along with a scripture program in the only church in the colony. Around 150 patients from the slums, most of whom are migrant daily wage laborers, were provided with medical assistance. Many pregnant women and women with newborns attended the camp to receive vitamin supplements to benefit both the mother and child.

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Anitha, pictured below, is twenty six years old and pregnant with her second child. She attended the medical camp help by ServeNow in the slums of her community. She said: “I am very thankful to ServeNow for providing free medical treatment. I received medicine and also a special multivitamin tonic that will keep me healthy. These medicines are expensive and I would not have been able to buy it with my limited finances. I am a housewife and my husband is a daily wage laborer. This camp conducted by ServeNow is a blessing to me and the community here. Thank you ServeNow.”


Find out more here…and consider sponsoring a medical clinic for those in need:  Medical Clinics

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