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2018 Children’s Camps/VBS

Good afternoon! My name is Katya. I am 12 years old. I live together with my sister in the village in Eastern Ukraine. While we were in the middle of a war, my daddy died, and my house was bombed. We had no place to live for a long time. I asked my mother to go somewhere. But she did not let me go anywhere… I heard about the opportunity to go to the Camp, and I really would like to go there to rest from the constant explosions.

Hello. My name is Vlad. I am 10 years old. I live in Eastern Ukraine in the conflict zone. During the war, windows were blown out from shots in my house. We have no money. There is no heating in the house, so it is very cold. My mom drinks and I take care of my little sister Violetta. You know, everyone has a dream. I am not such a big boy, and I have it too. I would like to rest somewhere. I’ve always dreamed of going to the Camp.

These are just two of several heart-wrenching but touching letters we received this year from children living in Eastern Ukraine who heard about ServeNow’s children’s camps. Each year, children’s lives like Katya’s are forever impacted by being able to brought to a place where they can simply be a child and experience God’s love in peace and safety.

In fact, 80% of the children served in Europe and Asia have never heard of God’s love for them in Jesus Christ. But they leave these camps or Vacation Bible School programs knowing Jesus as their best Friend and Savior!

For example, last year, a girl named Christina attended one of the summer camps. Six months afterwards Christina’s mentor from her village who poured into her at the camp went to visit her and reported the following, “Last weekend I went to the orphanage, where Christina and her sisters live. We had a good talk, watched the videos, remembered the time at camp…Christina testified to other children that God answered her prayer, she reads the Bible, prays and believes that changes will come to their family.”

These summer camps and Vacation Bible Schools are just the beginning for those your partnership and sponsorship can make possible. Local volunteers from their church community become friends and mentors for these children when they return. They, and their families, are invited to church and Sunday School. The result is that entire families are being transformed!

A letter has gone out this week from ServeNow about these camps in Ukraine and Vacation Bible School Programs in Asia. The good news is that two couples have already provided the funding needed to cover 70% of the costs of the camps in Ukraine!

If you, or your church, would like to sponsor the remaining children in Ukraine who need sponsors, or a Vacation Bible School in connection with local churches in Asia, please donate today so all plans can be worked out and prepared for this Spring/Summer!

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