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Life and Ministry in Eastern Ukraine: Conflict Zone

Early 2016, a beautiful dynamic took place between two partner organizations, fusing them together so that more could be accomplished for the sake of the Kingdom. MediaServe, a UK registered organization with a similar mission and heart as ServeNow, but specializing in designing and printing Bibles and discipleship resources in over 45 languages, joined forces with ServeNow! With a strong focus on reaching the Jewish people around the world, MediaServe’s mission is to advance the Kingdom of God by producing and distributing innovative Christian literature and other media materials. MediaServe has been pioneering Christian literature projects around the world for the past forty years.

We believe that this “marriage” will mutually enhance the impact and reach of both organizations (that are now one!) and open up more doors than would have been possible when remaining as separate organizations. More on this in future blogs, but for this article we want to share two recent stories from Eastern Ukraine, where conflict is still ongoing.

Here are two testimonies, painting a brief descriptive picture of what life is like for many; the needs that are there and what we are doing to partner with local churches to help bring hope to these precious people!

My name is Valeriy and I would like to thank you for the support of our church with New Testaments in Russian! We are located right in the conflict zone. People here suffer much from shelling, and many people have left town. Nowadays, only old people are still here. However, there is much work for the church here. We use the offerings gathered in the church to get food packets. We take them to people most affected. People are in desperate need of hope. Thus, we always present them the New Testament, share the Good News, and make every effort to get communication with them. We ask for your prayers, so that these people will receive the hope of the Gospel!

I am Oleksandra and I am from Kiev. I regularly travel to Eastern Ukraine, to the territories that suffer as a result of warfare. I am a part of the chaplain ministry and serve people with the Word of God and psychological counseling. Recently, I visited a village about 20 km from the warfare border. We brought medicine, clothes, food. Most importantly, we brought the Good News that there is hope in Jesus Christ. Children received the King brochure (Gospel of Mark), and they eagerly read the message about salvation. I thank you for the support of our ministry and also ask you to pray for these people who really need God’s help!

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If you would like to give a gift to help get God’s Word to people in need of hope, you can give here: MediaServe. To enable children in Ukraine affected by the conflict to attend a camp this summer click here: Summer Camps or read more here: Make Paradise a Reality! This year, we are excited to be adding a third camp, very close to the conflict zone for another 100 kids!

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