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NEPAL: Hindus are loving the Scriptures

MediaServe logoOur partners in Nepal received 5,100 New Testaments, 12,500 of The King and 25,000 The Secret of True Life booklets and this is what happened:

  1. Many Hindus eagerly received the New Testaments.
  2. One man was grateful to get The Secret of True Life. He commented:
    “I was longing to know about Jesus Christ. I do hope this booklet will help me to know more about him.”
  3. School children received The King  (illustrated Gospel of Mark) and The Secret of True Life, also with illustrations that appeal to both the young and the old.

MediaServe Pictgure of India Nepal and Myabnar

1 thought on “NEPAL: Hindus are loving the Scriptures

  1. Excellent news.. will continue to remember the recipients and their wider families….. David

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