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5 Urgent Needs in Ukraine

No matter where in Ukraine, someone’s life changed drastically on February 24, 2022. The current crisis has been over a year of nightmares: constant bombings, schools destroyed, harassment from Russian soldiers, evacuations, and coming home to nothing. As urgent needs unravel daily, ServeNow continues to serve the most vulnerable in Ukraine. Thousands of survivors need your help physically, emotionally, and spiritually! Read how you can meet five critical needs and serve like Jesus.

1) Feed the Hungry

The Ukrainian people face a growing hunger crisis. World Food Program USA states that one in three Ukrainian households is hungry today. With the cold months ahead, a meal goes a long way! ServeNow’s Feeding Programs bless the elderly and vulnerable families and children, with nutritious foods to survive. You can provide critical food assistance to those affected by this devastating war.

God calls us to feed the hungry! Mathew 25:35-37 shows Jesus serving vulnerable people with food and drink. Caring for the hungry is not only following Jesus’ lead but a way to minister the Gospel.

Please consider your role in feeding the hungry and serving like Jesus. A gift of $5,000 serves 600 people one month—that’s $10 per person with ready-to-eat food.

2) Give Hope to Children

Children and families bear the brunt of this crisis. In parts of Ukraine, schools are closed impacting 3.6 million children. Terror-stricken children need the stability of education and positive experiences. As you know, education is imperative to young minds! ServeNow staff and volunteers are providing stable and positive children’s activities weekly for 64 children. You can provide vulnerable children with educational lessons in English, swimming, art, robotics, and Legos.

While some schools slowly turn to online programs, most children do not have computers or tablets to access the new education platform. Let alone some may not even have the power to do so due to an unstable energy grid.

This project needs $2,500 a month to make this happen. Every $39 can change one kid’s life with a stable and positive educational opportunity.

3) Help Families Survive

With January as the coldest month, survival is a real concern. The coldest season lasts from mid-November through March with the average temperature between 21-30°F. ServeNow Ukraine is providing winter blankets, power banks, generators, wood or briquets, etc. to help the most vulnerable survive winter. You can bring warmth to families in need today. On average every $300 provides one Ukrainian family with winter necessities.

4) Assist with Emergency Housing

Since Russia’s invasion, the Council of Europe reports over 110,000 individual houses and 12,000 apartment buildings destroyed or damaged. About 14 million Ukrainians fled their homes and more than 1.2 million families reported their homes damaged or destroyed. Many Ukrainian families lost everything from the war, desperate and forced to start anew.

You can house internally displaced Ukrainians through ServeNow’s Rental Assistance program. Every $6,000 per month assists 17 families with a roof over their heads.

5) Repair Homes

Many Ukrainian homes have damage, but people stay in these conditions because it’s a roof over their heads. On average $600 provides one family with home repairs.

As the war wages on, there are many critical needs in Ukraine! You can feed the hungry, give hope to children, help families survive, assist with emergency housing, and repair homes—all glorifying God.  Please pray for the country of Ukraine and the most vulnerable.

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