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5 Ways ServeNow Fulfills the Great Commission Digitally

ServeNow takes pride in an entrepreneurial and agile spirit by adapting to needs in a digital age. That is why our team expands its reach to fulfill the Great Commission worldwide. Here are five ways ServeNow fulfills the Great Commission digitally:

  1. The Basic Series App
    God opened doors to build a new digital platform to share the Basic Series worldwide. ServeNow India developed and launched our very own Basic Series App on Android and iOS worldwide. This app will engage thousands, if not millions worldwide. Features include access to various Basic Series books and audio versions, Serve Like Jesus 30-Day Devotion, the Bible, and verse of the day. The greatest need according to our National Directors is still printing books. The Basic Series app is a great supplemented resource! There are millions we work with who do not have access to the internet or smartphones. The Basic Series booklets go where phones cannot in some parts of the world. You can experience and download the Basic Series app: iOS (Apple) and Android versions.
  2. Road to Paradise
    Last fiscal year, 75 million people were reached through a video series called The Road to Paradise. This primarily targets Arabic-speaking countries. This fiscal year, ServeNow reached 23,160,000+ people additionally. The videos are available on Facebook and YouTube with six million views a month. Each episode brings insight to the to-do list to reach paradise and weaves in the answer by the Gospel. The Road to Paradise paves the path and builds a network for the Basic Series in Arabic.
  3. Audio Versions of Basic Series
    As mentioned, our Basic Series App features a handful of audio versions. Our goal is to convert content into audiobooks to key languages with high illiteracy rates or oral learning. Long-term plans include professional recording with chapter breaks for an easy user experience.
  4. Online Discipleship Pilot
    ServeNow Nepal team designed a new online training program with The Basic Seriesfor pastors and leaders. Each week a leader dives deep into one of the Basic Series books and fosters a theological discussion. So far, feedback trends successful growth and a better understanding of the basic tenants of the Christian faith.
  5. Special Messages for the Sri Lankan Church
    ServeNow Sri Lanka coordinates a weekly online Unity Service since the Fall of 2020. Worship and Scripture reading is provided online and available worldwide. Ben Foley, ServeNow’s President, curates a weekly message. The services are translated into 2 additional languages besides English (Sinhala and Tamil) reaching Sri Lanka, various Asian and European countries, and the United States of America.

Your support to fulfilling the Great Commission digitally is greatly appreciated! Worldwide people discover the greatest love and hope; Jesus. Thank you for helping us reach people with the Gospel digitally.