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6 Ways Your Partnership Is Key During A Pandemic to ServeNow

The COVID-19 pandemic is impacting millions of lives around the world. Because of this, the demands and needs of developing countries have increased numerically. Thus, our need to serve these communities has grown tremendously. Despite the numerous setbacks of Coronavirus, ServeNow still meets the needs of orphans, widows, underprivileged children, refugees and so many more around the globe.

Our focus spans three pillars: Equipping the Church, Educating for Eternity, and Outstretched Hands. All of these are important, but more than ever Outstretched Hands has been providing humanitarian assistance in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the Muslim World. Without assistance, these low-income developing countries have a lot to lose and risk. Here are a few ways ServeNow met the critical needs of these people in a pandemic:

1) Supplementing Income Relief

Pastors around the world barely make ends meet to provide for their families, communities, and church despite a pandemic. Normally,  our support focuses on the spiritual aspect by providing pastors with resources like The Basic Series and Bibles. This year, we met their physical needs, too. ServeNow delivered essential care packages to pastors and put food on their tables. ServeNow believes Equipping the Church is essential! So, our team partnered with these pastors by providing income assistance and relief.

2) Eradicating Hunger

According to the Global Hunger Index, Southern Asia has one of the highest hunger and undernutrition levels. That’s why our global leaders hosted outreach programs like events centered around food, food distribution boxes, and even walked the streets to hand out food. In Sri Lanka, one of our national leaders recently distributed dry ration food packs to those in need. ServeNow continues feeding the poor and eradicating hunger amidst a pandemic.

3) Building Skills for Women and Men to Support Family

Our programs under Educating for Eternity continued to meet and teach with women and men. These classes building skills through sewing and tailoring programs to barbershop classes. There have been countless stories about how this program helps them support their family financially during the pandemic. Even though our Lighthouse Centers paused serving those in need, our staff continues to keep in touch with families virtually.

4) Saving Money and Time through Medical Kits

With the influx of Covid-19 deaths and cases across Southern Asia, it’s even more difficult to visit a doctor. In the remotest villages and poorest areas, there are multitudes of people who rarely, if ever, are able to go to the doctors for their health problems. Recently, one of our medical kits helped save one man in need. ServeNow is focusing on medical kits instead of medical clinics because of the greater impact. A clinic treats hundreds of people in one day versus a medical kit empowers a local leader to respond to the communities needs.

5) Providing Consistency and Happiness to Children

Due to the pandemic, children have gone through a lot from losing the freedom of choices to school closures. Many of these kids miss the freedom and consistency of their livelihood. One of the young students at our education center in Asia, Elishiba said, “Sir, when will things get back to normal? Even in this situation, I am so happy because of the Lighthouse Education Center.” ServeNow brings some form of consistency and happiness to children’s lives in unprecedented times.

6) Instilling the Hope of Jesus

Our national leaders are Equipping the Church in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the Muslim World. In turn, this has instilled hope in many lives. In East Africa, Mauricette read The Basic Things You Need to Know When Our World Falls Apart and found hope! She said, “Even through the pain and suffering of COVID-19, we must trust God. As a Christian, these signs of the times remind us that Jesus Christ will return to restore all things. Psalm 46 reminds us that God is our refuge and strength, no matter the situation.” This is just one of the countless stories of finding the hope of Jesus through ServeNow.

Our team is thankful to meet the critical needs and provide the hope of Jesus for orphans, widows, underprivileged children, refugees and so many more. Despite the Pandemic, our God is faithful and our partners are generous. So, thank you for partnering with ServeNow! Your support is more important than ever before.

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