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7 Ways to Use The Basic Series

The Basic Series are 31 basic foundational Christian resources to equip pastors around the world and grow believers’ faith. Each booklet is only 32-pages and explains one biblical concept in an easy-to-grasp way. There are 31 booklets available in 27 languages with plans for 50 languages. ServeNow currently partners with 5,000+ churches and pastors across 17 countries.

More than ever before, people need Jesus and access to biblical truths. In most areas we work internationally, there is nothing available for a resource like this. For many pastors and church members, this will be the first book they have ever owned. Even though Christianity is an ongoing trend of growth for Christians in places like sub-Saharan Africa and East Asia, it’s declining in the Western World. George Barna, market researcher and founder of The Barna Group, surveyed and found that only 6% of Americans have a ‘biblical worldview.’

People all around the world need the Bible, and easy-to-read foundational resources to grow and live out their faith. The Basic Series is a solution for growing the American church and new believers all around the world. Here are 7 Easy and Creative Ways to Use The Basic Series:

  1. Join The Basic Series Challenge and study one booklet per month.
  2. Create a sermon series with inspiration from The Basic Series.
  3. Nurture other believers’ faith by gifting them a copy of The Basic Series.
  4. Revitalize your church congregation’s faith with The Basic Series Challenge.
  5. Study The Basic Series in your community home group, bible study, life group, etc.
  6. Send copies of The Basic Series to your mission pastor, partner mission organizations, or missionaries.
  7. Put what you discover from the Word and The Basic Series into practice!

As Christians serve like Jesus and grow their faith, more people will discover Christ. Together, we can partner to grow and root people’s faith in a biblical worldview. Each copy purchased of The Basic Series helps your faith and allows pastors around the world to share the Gospel. Check out the various book bundles or purchase the entire Basic Series set. In addition, all donations made to The Basic Series will be doubled due to an ongoing $250,000 Matching Grant! Only $150,000 is left to be matched. This means your generosity will share the Good News faster and farther around the world. Let’s continue to share The Great Commission all around the world by serving like Jesus!

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