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8 Ways to Pray for Israel

A week ago, Hamas (the Palestinian group that governs Gaza) sent dozens of its fighters into Israel in one of the deadliest surprise attacks in decades. These past few days, they’ve suffered barbaric violence, and considerable injustice.

Israel is God’s chosen nation! Just as Jesus loved and wept for Jerusalem, we do too. As the body of Christ, we’re called to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. In their greatest hour of need, you can make a difference to the most vulnerable in Israel. Here are some specific things you can focus on:

1) Pray for peace in the region. This includes peace between Israel and its neighboring countries, as well as peace within Israel itself.

2) Ask for protection for Israel and its citizens. This includes protection from physical harm, as well as protection from political and economic threats.

3) Pray for healing and comfort for those who have been affected by past conflicts, including soldiers, civilians, and their families.

4) Ask for restoration of the land and people of Israel. This includes the restoration of relationships, infrastructure, and the natural environment.

5) Pray for bravery for those who are working for peace and justice in Israel. This includes soldiers, activists, politicians, and ordinary citizens who are speaking out against injustice.

6) Ask for justice for all people in Israel, regardless of their ethnicity, religion, or political beliefs.

7) Pray for spiritual revival in Israel. Ask that people would come to know God deeper and that His love would transform His holy land, even to the point of impacting surrounding countries.

8) Finally, pray for wisdom for Israel’s leaders. Ask that they would make wise decisions that benefit the country and its people and that they would be guided by God’s wisdom and grace.

Here’s a quick prayer:

Father God, break my heart for what breaks Yours. Lord, you are the Prince of Peace. Today, we’re praying for the peace of Jerusalem according to Psalm 122:6. May all those within its walls prosper and find security in You alone. May the people who call upon Your name experience divine encounters. Lead people closer to Your heart as they cast every fear, anxiety, and burden on You. May Your peace surpass all understanding and shalom invade every street corner, making You known. We ask for restoration and revival in the Middle East, so that more people will come to know You as their Lord and Savior.  

ServeNow plans to respond with humanitarian relief aid, as funding permits. We know that God will show up faithfully, and not-yet believers will come to know Him through this terror. You can meaningfully serve the most vulnerable in Israel and share Christ’s passion in the midst of a horrific war. Give a Where Most Needed below with the note ‘Israel’ –