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A Breakdown of ServeNow Projects

Some people wonder why ServeNow focuses on so many different needs in several different countries. Others have a hard time grasping “the big picture” of ServeNow. In this article, you will find a brief summary of each project that we’re part of, what the need is and why we’re helping (you can read this article in regard to the Philosophy, Heart, Vision & Future of ServeNow).

First of all, for the purpose of this article, I like to point out to people that Jesus himself did not just do “one thing.” Yes, he came for one main purpose, which was to lay down his life that we might have life, but he didn’t do only that. He also didn’t just preach and teach; he served, he fed the multitudes, he washed the feet of his disciples, he blessed children, he healed the sick, he bound up the brokenhearted and he set the captives free. In fact, when he summarized the heart and essence of his ministry in Luke 4:18, he quoted from the prophet Isaiah (Isaiah 61:1-2) and said: The Spirit of the Lord is on me, because he has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, to set the oppressed free, to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor.

Acts 10:38 talks about how: He went around doing good. He simply met the needs of people around him who came to him. In addition, James 2:14-17 says: What good is it, my brothers and sisters, if someone claims to have faith but has no deeds? Can such faith save them? Suppose a brother or a sister is without clothes and daily food. If one of you says to them, ‘Go in peace; keep warm and well fed,’ but does nothing about their physical needs, what good is it? In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead.

Real faith always has corresponding actions. Love for God and love for people is demonstrated by service, sacrifice and giving; especially those most in need. As James 1:27 puts it: Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.

This is the heart and spirit of ServeNow. It is the philosophy behind every project and program we have implemented. It is therefore an avenue and opportunity for the church and individuals to channel their resources, talents and gifts and make a real difference around the world, fulfilling the great commission and putting “teeth” to their faith. As a matter of fact, this is the reason why I (the author) joined ServeNow.

Scripture Program

At the core of ServeNow is what we call God’s Word for God’s New People. This consists of getting Bibles into the hands of believers who don’t own a Bible. These believers often live in very remote villages. In addition, we have implemented a 5-7 year discipleship program through a series of 30 books (just 32 pages each) called The Basic Things You Need to Know. (Read more here or here or here in regard to actual impact around the world). Presently, we are partnering with 1,500 churches in India, Nepal, Uganda and Ukraine through this program. Children receive The Story of Jesus and other children’s materials. We are also hoping to be in a position to supply audio Bibles for those who cannot read.

malkaram Dehlilighthouse2 Donate-Scripture Programs

However, since our partner organization MediaServe has become a division of ServeNow, we are equipping thousands more people, pastors and churches with the Word of God and discipleship resources! MediaServe has materials in 45 languages and is present in 30 countries! We are excited about the possibilities for the future that this new dynamic opens up and for the increased impact that could occur.

We also host several pastor conferences each year, thereby training thousands of pastors and providing bicycles for those in need.


Everything we do in each country is done in, with and through local churches and local staff. This serves as a bridge for the church into the community. In Ukraine for example, churches cannot do some of the programs that we are able to do as a non-profit organization; but through the ministry of ServeNow they can volunteer and impact those most in need in their society.

2015.12.2 Uganda.Lindon sharing basic things about prayer in Kayinja G.M

Summer Camps

Each summer, we host several camps for about 350 orphans, refugees, disabled or disadvantaged kids in Ukraine and India. Eighty percent of these children/youth are not coming from a Christian background. Many come only knowing Jesus as a curse word; but leave knowing him personally as their best friend and Savior that will never leave them or forsake them but help them in and through all of life’s challenges.

This is a big project, and we need more partners to come alongside financially to bless these children and give them a summer of their life. Many of these children have lost parents as a result of the war, or through AIDS or substance abuse. Some have never been outside of their own village or state-run orphanage. Most have never seen the mountains nor swum before. It is a few days of paradise where they are safe and can just be kids enjoying games, crafts and activities. There are also counselors who care for them and who will follow up with them. They will hear Bible stories, participate in skits and much more (read more here: Summer Camps).

DSC06058 IMG_7466

Winter Coverings

Each winter, thousands suffer from the freezing cold in Northern India and Nepal. Hundreds die, especially the most vulnerable: the elderly and children. We have stories of kids digging holes in the ground in Nepal during the winter months, just trying to shield their bodies from the cold.

Every $10 will provide a blanket, hat, gloves, jacket and other winter coverings to those in need. Elderly people will walk miles by foot just to receive a blanket, with tears of gratitude in their eyes. Children walk 4-5 hours barefoot down a mountain, just to receive a hat, fleece jacket and pants. We desire to continue the clothing distributions as often and as many as possible (read more here: Winter Coverings).


Anti-Trafficking: Skill Training

Human trafficking is one of the fastest growing industries. ServeNow is right in the middle of several human trafficking hubs: Nepal, Ukraine and India. The best way to deal with trafficking is to prevent it from happening in the first place. And the best way to prevent it is by providing vulnerable women/young girls with a marketable skill. Therefore, we host tailoring courses, cosmetology classes and even operate a bakery in Ukraine. Many women have found hope and value through these programs. Others have heard for the first time of God’s love for them and have come to Christ as a result, as many come from a non-Christian background like Hindu, Muslim or other (Read more here: Bakery, Tailoring, Cosmetology).

image006 Sheerisha IMG_1086

Medical Clinics

While those in the Western world may not be able to relate to this, a large number of people in India have never even seen a doctor, or cannot afford any type of medication or medical help. For just $350, ServeNow can conduct a day-long medical clinic in India/Nepal for an entire village. The impact can be quite dramatic and life-changing for an entire community. They receive care not only for their physical problems, counseling for their medical needs, but also prayer and introduction to the Great Physician. These medical clinics can profoundly tear down many barriers that local churches or pastors have faced their whole lives. They help communities and end up in local churches growing and gaining favor with their neighbors who see the tangible love of Christ demonstrated towards them (read more here: Medical Clinics or here).


Lighthouse Centers

ServeNow operates several lighthouse centers in the slums of New Dehli, Kolkata and Hyderabad, India. We are also starting two new centers in two slum areas in Kathmandu, Nepal. These centers vary in programs, but generally will provide education (and daily meals) for street children, skill training for women, literacy classes for the illiterate, computer/cell phone repair training for men and more (Read more here).

In IndiaServeNow also runs an HIV home for 14 children. This is a huge need as thousands roam the streets, starving and being abused. They are outcasts due to the stigma HIV still carries in parts of India. Some have been rescued from being kept in cages, treated like animals. Many are beaten. In fact, one girl, who is only eight years, told us that her favorite thing about the home is: the food…and nobody beats me here. (Read more here).


Water for Life

Hundreds, sometimes thousands, die every summer in certain parts of India, simply because of heat waves and lack of clean drinking water. Many wells have dried-up and lower “caste” people are not allowed to draw water from wells. Other wells are contaminated. People fight over water. Others have to walk miles everyday to try to obtain somewhat clean water. Many don’t have access to or cannot afford bottled water. 80% of the diseases we treat at our medical clinics are water related.

During the summer monthsServeNow provides clean water to thousands of the most vulnerable people in remote villages or slum areas each week. It only costs $20 to send a 1,000 gallon tanker truck of water to a village! $10 provides water for an entire family for one month, saving hundreds of lives and preventing illness. And once again, working with and through local churches, the love of Christ is demonstrated in a tangible way, breaking down barriers and resulting in people opening their hearts to “living water” for their souls! (read more here and here).

water8 water12

Mosquito Nets

After the hot, dry summer months, the monsoon rains arrive in India/Nepal. With the monsoon rains also come mosquitoes carrying malaria. Once again, hundreds die every year due to lack of protection. ServeNow provides mosquito nets to as many people/families as possible (Click here).

soj profile pic (2)

Uganda Classrooms

What began as three orphans being brought into a Ugandan family has turned into 3,000 orphans in eight different locations, being provided an education and daily meals! However, there is a critical need to rebuild the classrooms because many of the more than 30 classroom buildings that are now twenty years old and collapsing. These old structures are being destroyed by termites, the kids sit on dirt floors where painful critters known as “jiggers” often get into their skin, where storms blow the roofs off, and where the government has condemned the use of the classrooms in their current state.

Without school buildings, there can be no education. Without an education, there is no hope to have a future outside of extreme poverty. These kids know the importance of an education and will walk miles to come to school. Help us rebuild as many classrooms as possible, as quickly as possible, so more children can go on to become doctors, lawyers, pilots, teachers and contributing members of society, fulfilling their dreams and changing a nation! (read more here).

Uganda 2 Uganda 19


Children in Uganda and India need the stability to be able to receive an education, warm meals, clothes and medication when sick. Some children in Uganda are 11 years old and still attend first grade, because they do not have the tuition needed to come to school every day, so they just come when they can. For just $37 a month, you can sponsor one of these precious children and give them the security and care they need. Not to mention the adorable letters you will receive from them in return! (Read more here and here: One Child at a Time).

Uganda 3

Containers of Hope

ServeNow sends forty foot containers filled with medical equipment, wheelchairs, clothes, hospital beds, crutches and other items that many disabled people cannot afford or even dream of. Some equipment also goes to establish medical clinics such as at our schools in Uganda or hospitals/clinics in Ukraine that are poorly funded. (Read more here and here).

Снимок экрана (1)

Ukraine Christmas

In Ukraine, Christmas is celebrated on January 7. Each year, we give out 7,000 Christmas gift boxes filled not only with toys for kids, but life essentials for children and adults! For many it is the first Christmas gift they have ever received and the first time hearing the true meaning of Christmas. These gifts bless refugees, elderly, lonely, poor, Roma people, even soldiers and inmates! (Read more here).

Ukraine 1

Disaster Relief

ServeNow desires to respond immediately when disaster strikes. For example, in Nepal, within the first two months after the earthquake of 2015, we were able to reach 15,000 people! From earthquakes in Nepal, to flooding in India, we have been the first on the scene in several situations. Help us build up a reserve in advance which will allow us to continue responding to sudden needs and crisis around the world.

Disaster Relief

Mission Trips

Each year, ServeNow arranges several mission trips for people/groups that want to see for themselves the impact ServeNow is having and serve those in need themselves. These trips are absolutely life changing and eye-opening. It also cultivates in those who go a deeper appreciation for the needs of others in different cultures and a greater compassion for the people being served. We would love for you to join us on a trip! (Read more here and here).

Support Team Member

Volunteer Ambassadors

Perhaps you can’t go on a trip yourself. Now you can volunteer right here at home and make a difference around the world! We are looking for, and in need of, Volunteer Ambassadors who can represent and share the ministry of ServeNow with their friends, family, church etc. We are a very small staff and need people to help us network and engage new people in regard to our ministry. ServeNow is only going into its fourth full year, but it is growing at a very rapid pace, touching thousands of lives! In fact, in just our third full year alone, we served in some direct, specific way, close to a quarter million people! We need your help! You can help us in very specific ways, from organizing events, to raising awareness, to much more. Check out our Volunteer kit and some ideas to incorporate!


***We couldn’t serve the people being blessed through ServeNow apart from your prayers and financial support. Would you consider a generous donation to one of the projects above or simply Where the Need is Greatest? You can donate here and touch

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