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I Was Filled With Joy!

“One day I was stressed by many things in my life and tears kept flowing. During a sleepless nights at around 3:00am, I started reading the Basic Series booklet about the Holy Spirit. As I was reading, I came across the author’s notes about the Holy Spirit being a comforter and at that moment I felt someone comforting me and I was filled with joy. My pain and troubles disappeared and I started laughing and fell asleep joyfully and peacefully. I am so grateful for this booklet and for the work the Holy Spirit has done and is still doing in my life.”

Medical Clinic Brings Hope and Healing

The tests done at the clinic were helpful in diagnosing illnesses which had been left untreated for far too long. I hope that we will be able to continue this partnership and reach out to many villages like these so that we can reach the unreached with the Gospel.

The Lord has Heard my Cry!

“The Lord has heard my cry and sent ServeNow with this gift of a water tank to bless our community. Our people don’t need to go far to fetch clean water anymore and we are grateful.”

Urgent Clean Water Need

600 million people, half of India’s population, is being faced with this crisis. 200,000 die every year because of lack of water or unclean water. Hepsi for example, is a widow with three young children. She tries to provide just enough for her family of four, but there are times when her family must go without meals. She is also forced to collect water for the family from a nearby pond which has been drying up over the past several years and is contaminated. She cannot afford to buy clean water for her family and children.

2018 ServeNow Annual Report!

I am very excited to announce the release of the 2018 ServeNow Fiscal Year Annual Report! (Click here to view: Annual Report 2018). What an exciting 5th year of ministry it has been! In the report are several testimonies from real people we were able to serve this last fiscal year in our four core countries. There is no greater joy we share together than being able to come alongside people in need and seeing their lives transformed by the love of God and Hope of the Gospel!

Bibles Transforming Lives in Uganda!

“I have never seen anything like this happen to the Christians in our area regardless of their backgrounds. To be given Bibles for free is amazing! Surely God has visited our region. He is wanting us to obey his Word, now that we have received it.”

New Project for Roma Children in Ukraine!

In Ukraine, Roma people (Read more here) are discriminated against and live in very poor, even slum like conditions. Many of the children are also not sent to school to study. Because of the lack of education, children later have trouble finding a job, and this leads to poverty in their community. It is a vicious cycle from generation to generation.

2018 Children’s Camps/VBS

Good afternoon! My name is Katya. I am 12 years old. I live together with my sister in the village in Eastern Ukraine. While we were in the middle of a war, my daddy died, and my house was bombed. We had no place to live for a long time. I asked my mother to go somewhere. But she did not let me go anywhere… I heard about the opportunity to go to the Camp, and I really would like to go there to rest from the constant explosions.

Basic Series Impact & Matching Grant Opportunity!

On an average, every 3,000 copies of a Basic Series book will see the following results:

* Used by 50 churches with an average of 60 people = 3,000 adherents
* Used by an average of 59 pastors
* 62% percent will share their faith to at least another = 1,860 people
* Of those, 37% will come to the Lord = 688 people
*The average church growth over the year will be 43%
* Revitalization of the people in any church will average 85%
* 35% in the church will respond to the calling to out through humanitarian projects

Uganda Mission Trip Report & Year End Appeal

As this year ends, I want to take this opportunity to remind you that a generous couple has put up a $35,000 matching grant for another school building! That means every gift towards this can be doubled right now. I will be leading a team back to Uganda in July and if we can begin rebuilding, it will be completed in time to dedicate on that trip! We are praying God will touch hearts to make this a reality. Maybe you would even like to join us on a mission trip next year? (Find out more here: Mission Trip Link).

More Heart-Touching Winter Blanket Stories

Kistavva, a 62 year old woman shared, “I had two sons and daughters. Seven years back I lost my husband because of a health problem. After that my elder son died with another health problem and even my second son died in an accident. With these incidents my daughter became depressed and died in 2016. Now I live alone. A few years ago, a tumor appeared on my face which has been growing ever since and I do not have the resources and the energy to treat it. My relatives don’t come to meet me as they think that I am unlucky and that is why I lost my husband and children. In this condition I cannot afford a warm clothing for winter. I really thank ServeNow for this great help.

2017 ServeNow Newsletter & Video

Click Here to view some stories from the past several months in this featured newsletter. This newsletter also provides some mission trip opportunities for 2018 and information regarding a $35,000 Matching Grant for a New School Building for orphan and impoverished children in Uganda! ServeNow Year End Newsletter. To watch our year end Thank You Video that contains highlights from each month of 2017 click here: 2017 Thank You Video.

Impact Stories in One Week

Uganda church testimony: “By the time I received the ServeNow Basic Series Discipleship booklets, I had just been sent to pastor this new ministry. The church only had three members. I was questioning myself as to why God had sent me to such a ministry? Few as we were, we embarked on studying the books. I was encouraged by the messages and through them, our confidence was uplifted. So we started sharing with people about Jesus, as well as praying to God for a big harvest…and he turned our church around! We now have over 50 new believers and our structure could not contain them, thus church expansion. Thank you so much ServeNow for sending such resourceful literature!”

Special Opportunities This Holiday Season and Year End

ServeNow has several special giving opportunities this holiday season and year end. We are so grateful for your support, prayers and partnership. Here are a few specific and meaningful ways you, your family and friends can make a difference around the world this year end through ServeNow.

The Difference a Simple Blanket Makes

In one week alone ServeNow was able to help 500 young and old receive warm winter coverings. People walk miles just to receive a blanket. One elderly lady said, “It’s already getting cold and I have been shivering all the way here. I shall keep myself warm with this blanket on my way back home which is a 40 minute walk from here.”

Help Bring Joy to People in Need in Ukraine via Christmas Gifts!

ServeNow has a unique opportunity again this year to reach 7,000 orphans, refugee families, elderly and lonely people, disabled children and adults, Roma/Gypsy people and others in need through Christmas gifts! A small team from the US will be traveling again this holiday season to Ukraine to give out hundreds of those gifts all over the country.

More than Literature and Meeting Physical Needs

For the pastors and churches we serve, that Christian literature is food to their soul. For the people being served by the meeting of physical needs or through programs (such as warm winter coverings, food, clean water, mosquito nets, medicine, skill-training etc) it is seen as tangible expressions of God’s goodness and love. These “good deeds” and programs bring hope, one of the greatest human needs of all. They touch the heart in a permanent and life-transforming way, not just the body in a temporary, physical way. They open doors for the Good News to be shared and received. They result in church growth, spiritual growth and strengthening of pastors and their ministries.

Ukrainian Refugee Providing Skill Training for Other Refugees!

There are almost two million refugees (or “internally displaced people”) in Ukraine because of the war in the east and Russian occupation of Crimea. All of them face difficulties in finding a place to live, separating from relatives and changing friends. But the biggest challenge is to find a job. From personal experience, I can say that having a long-time job gives you confidence and takes away some fear. One of best way to help refugees is to teach them some skills and provide a job. This would truly be a long-term solution and will help their whole families as well.

2017 Asia Mission Trip

Where we might sometimes see only a “program” “facility” “training” or “sewing machine”; these “things” mean something much deeper to those on the receiving end. It means hope. It means confidence. It means a future. It communicates the love of God in a way that truly opens hearts and meets the deeper more “intangible” human needs.

Medical Clinic Flood Stories & Winter Covering Need

“We were hesitant to enter the camp as we thought it was only for Christians, but we now know that it was for the people from all communities and religions. We are very grateful to ServeNow for providing us with medicine and medical attention. They were a Godsend. Our health has been deteriorating due to the diseases spread through stagnant water and also the unavailability of food, supplies and medicine.”

New Tailoring Classes Set to Begin in Nepal to Protect from Human-Trafficking and Prostitution

This fall, two more classes of thirty young women each, are due to start. The first is in a slum with the highest rate of prostitution. This is a new center that ServeNow will begin operating, aimed especially for those who think prostitution is their only means of survival, but also others at risk of human-trafficking. The other, is a six-month program set to take place in a remote village where many young women are at risk of being lured away by the fake promises of traffickers.

Asia Flood Update

Please remember the flood victims from Bihar and Assam in your prayer as thousands of people are still counting on us to do the medical camps in their flood affected areas. We have to go back to them fast and we also need to start working on getting winter coverings blankets for thousands of families as they have lost everything. Starting next month, with their weak bodies, they will be left to fight the biting cold. Apart from medical camps which is immediate need, the long term help would be the warm blankets to save them from winter.

August Stories of Changed Lives

ServeNow exists to holistically serve people in need in a way that produces life-transformation. Every project and effort is accomplished in, with and through local churches and national leaders/staff in each country of operation. We seek to come alongside those with the passion, compassion, vision and burden to see believers strengthened in their faith and communities reached out to in practical ways that communicates the reality of God’s love in Jesus Christ and breaks down barriers.

Emergency Flood Relief for Asia

Therefore, we wanted to let you know of this situation and that we are ready to respond with needed relief items such as food packets, medical clinics, water, temporary tent shelters, and then winter coverings. This winter is projected to be the coldest in many years. With millions losing their homes, this will become an even greater need very shortly and a tremendous blessing to those we can serve.

Blessing Pastors in Uganda with Bicycles

ServeNow’s partner in Uganda, Pastor Moses, recently held a seminar for over 70 pastors. ServeNow had also been able to donate 24 bicycles to pastors in this district. The pastors were grateful for the means of transport as they all didn’t have any means of transport. The majority used to walk 14 miles to and from their ministries. This used to consume a lot of time as they would literally spend over 6 hours on the road. Up until now, many pastors were hindered to effectively conduct ministry due to no means of transportation.

God’s Bakery in Ukraine

This truly is something God has done for them, because for six years they had been praying specifically for a bakery, in order to learn baking skills as a way to sell to others and for their future husbands/family. It is that story that I would like to share with you, because this project truly is God’s Bakery.

Last Ukraine Summer Camp Stories of 2017

Sofia is raised along with her siblings, by her mother. From the moment when the war broke out in Donetsk, the family came to the free territory of Ukraine. But the plan to start a new life failed. They came back and continue to live in occupied Donetsk. The shelling continues in the city and people live without confidence in the future. Sofia saw the shelling of residential quarters and came under fire when she was in the hospital. She saw the death of children and adults. Sofia liked the fact that there is peace and no shooting in the camp. She really liked nature and it was her first time in the Carpathians. She liked to weave bracelets and is doing it everywhere now! The camp gave her peace and quiet and the sense of security.

A Few Summer Highlight Stories of 2017

It is so inspiring and encouraging to read the stories that continually come forth literally every week from the ServeNow world! From people coming to faith in Jesus Christ, to those at risk of human trafficking being provided a skill and generating income, to summer camps for orphans, refugee, disabled and disadvantaged children, to Vacation Bible School (VBS) programs yielding tremendous fruit, to much more…God is at work! Enjoy these handful of stories that showcase that impact by clicking here: Summer Highlight Stories 2017.

Second Ukraine Summer Camp Stories

Marina, 11 years old: This family has four children. Their father killed their mother. But the father was not imprisoned or deprived of parental rights; he was admitted as beyond of the scope of justice. The father misuses alcohol, he doesn’t look after himself or the children. The older brother takes care of the kids. He dresses them. The children rarely visit their home; there is dirt, and nothing to eat. They always return with lice to the orphanage. For the first time in her life Marina went hiking and climbed to the top of the mountain. She did not want to go home at all.

Basic Series Booklets Changing Lives in Asia!

“In 2016 my friends asked me to attend a church but I kept putting it off. However, one fine day they persuaded me, so I came to church and I received the booklet about The Basic Things you Need to Know About Salvation. The book design and the word Salvation attracted me to read it. So, after going home I started reading the book and I was convinced by the Holy Spirit to confess my sins and I realized that I need salvation and it can happen through Christ Jesus! Immediately I went to the pastor and said that I accepted Jesus and I want to be baptized, so the Pastor baptized me. Now I am regularly attending church and helping in the ministry. Thank you for distributing the Basic Series and helping me to know who the real God is.”

First Ukraine Summer Camp Stories of 2017!

Sasha is 10 years old. Five years ago her father died. At one of the evening services at camp it was said that Jesus Christ was sent by God the Father. On that day during the service she was crying because she remembered her father who is in heaven. Sasha was thrilled because while she does not have an earthly dad, she could have a spiritual Dad.

God’s Word for Ethiopia as Revival Sweeps Country

“An older man told me how he, for years, had kept and treasured an old bible written in Oromo. He used it very carefully because he didn’t know if he would ever be able to get another copy. He passed it on to his son, who recently passed it to his son. The grandfather in this family was overjoyed when they each received a copy of the Word of God!”

Lives Dramatically Changed Since Receiving Training & Sewing Machine!

‘It was not easy for me to learn the tailoring skills as I had very low self-esteem but you always encouraged me, prayed for me and guided me to complete the training. Thank you so much for your investment in my life to make me skillful which enables me to save my expenses on sewing the clothes. I have started to sew clothes for my family. They are very happy as I repair our torn clothes. Now I even have confidence to use this skill as an income source for my career.”

VBS Impact on a Church, Community & Children

Mohan is just 7 years old and lives in a temporary shed with his family right next to a dumping ground infested with mosquitoes, flies and stray dogs. His father is the only earning member in the family who struggles to meet the needs of his family. He would have never been able to afford to send him to a tuition center or VBS program on his own! Mohan says “I like the Bible stories and memory verses. I came to know that God loves me and what God has given me. I love to come to VBS and learn stories and memory verses. I thank you all for giving me booklet.”

Two More VBS Programs Yield Fruit

We traveled 30 kilometres (to & from) daily to attend the VBS. But it was worth traveling, or else I would have not received the blessings I got from this camp. Besides learning beautiful Bible stories from the classes and doing nice activities and crafts, I gave my heart to Jesus and decided to follow Him. Though I knew the song ‘I have decided to follow Jesus’ this time I sang it meaningfully. The finger craft taught me about how to read the Bible and how to pray every day.

Possibility of a Fourth Summer Camp in Ukraine

We are so grateful to our faithful partners who have already made possible the funding of three camps. However, there is a wonderful possibility of a fourth camp towards the end of July for another 50 children if we can secure funding very quickly. This would be a six day camp for children 8-12 years old. They would be children from the war zone, refugee children and kids from poor and needy families surrounding the main local church that has this vision and camp dream.

Update on Nepal Lighthouse Center

One of the children, Rasmila said, “It was very hard for me to get the satisfactory grades on the exams and I was hardly promoted to the next grade. But since I have been attending the Lighthouse center, I am very excited to see the good marks on the exams. While seeing the result, my family and school teachers were amazed! I love to come here every day as this center has become a blessing for me & my friends in many ways. I would even like to come 7 days a week. While seeing the improvement in my study, I want to be a Teacher in future.”

Village Visited by Doctor for First Time!

We visited Mallaiah, one of the village elders. He and his wife were sick and bed ridden. They were overjoyed when the doctor visited them at his doorstep. He told us, “I have been suffering with a lot of health problems and cannot afford the money for treatment in the city. Thank you ServeNow for providing free medicine right at my bedside, even though I could not walk up to the camp venue.”

Imagine Drinking Dirty Water…

Meena, a 24 year old married woman, who stays in slums, shares that she lives in a joint family of 9 members. She and her husband work as a garbage collectors. Sometimes they work as daily laborers. Every day they work very hard to meet expenses, Meena shares “I am very happy for the ServeNow water program. We used to have a water problem, we are used drinking dirty water, now we are able to get clean drinking water.”

Vacation Bible School Testimonies

“I came for the first time to this camp with one of my friends. I do not know who Jesus is but after attending the VBS classes I came to know that Jesus is God and He forgives every small and big mistakes. I am very happy to learn about Jesus and I learned many action songs. Thank you for allowing me to attend the camp.”

Thirty Nepal Tailoring Students Have Graduated!

‘I was in great need of such a training but didn’t have the ability due to several reasons. We were very unskilled women, in fact, we didn’t even know to use a needle! But now we are very happy to wear the dress which we sewed by ourselves for this graduation ceremony. We are now very confident to run our own tailoring shops to generate income to maintain our family. Now we do not need to be dependent as we have skill and a sewing machine. We are so thankful to ServeNow Nepal for providing us such a valued training, sewing machine and creating awareness against human trafficking. We are committed to work as a community watchdog for our own community, thank you for opening our eyes and saving our precious lives from being lured by the traffickers.’

The Need for Clean Water

ServeNow’s Water for Life project is literally life saving for people who otherwise would not have access to clean drinking water during the hottest months. For example, a widow with three young children, Padma tries to provide just enough for her family of four – and there are times when the family has to do without a meal. Every day after work, Padma was forced to fetch water for the family from a nearby pond which has been gradually drying up over the past two of years and already contaminated. Being a poor family they couldn’t afford to buy clean drinking water. ServeNow’s Water for Life was a lifesaver for Padma. “Now I don’t have to worry about my children’s health deteriorate due to contaminated water,” she says.

A Home for HIV Children

“My relatives used to keep my plate and glass separate from the other household utensils and I was made to sleep in a cold corner of the house just because I had HIV. Sleeping alone used to scare me and I wished my parents were around me. I love to stay here at the Lighthouse center, I have found myself a home and a bigger family. I sleep in my own bed with other girls / sisters in the room and my plates are not kept separate in the kitchen. I feel like a normal girl here.”

Ukraine Mission Trip Experience

Check out this article that a team member who went on a trip with ServeNow to Ukraine recently wrote up about her experience: Humbled by a Mighty God. Also, why not go and experience a trip for yourself? As Gandalf once said to a uncertain Hobbit in the classic novel (and perhaps Jesus is saying to you!): “I am looking for someone to share in an adventure that I am arranging, and it’s very difficult to find anyone…you’ll have a tale or two to tell when you come back..the world is not in your books and maps, it’s out there…” ServeNow Mission Trips.

ServeNow in Uganda: Part 2

In Kankanda, through reading and studying this book, seven members confessed Christ as their Lord and Savior having spent several years in church but without confessing. In Kyabasiita, an unbeliever saw the pastor with these books and requested for a copy. He was given this particular one about salvation and through it, he accepted Christ and now is a church member.

ServeNow in Uganda: Part 1

In Uganda, poverty is the most critical and serious problem. Children are deprived of basic needs like food, shelter, education and medical. Poverty remains firmly entrenched in the country’s rural areas. About 40 percent of all rural people still live in abject poverty. Most of these rural people are illiterate. They get their meager resources from small scale farming yet with the prolonged dry seasons, without irrigation facilities, it remains a very big challenge.

The Value of the “Basic Series” Foundation Books

Sometimes there are things in the Bible that one can find difficult to understand without someone’s help. These series are perfect supplements for a Bible study which helps believers understand the teachings of the Holy Bible. The availability of these materials in different languages make these booklets even more impactful.

Testimonies from Ukraine Bakery Students

I do not remember my parents. I was left at a children’s hospital when quite small. I grew up in an orphanage, then studied at another orphanage till 8th grade, and then moved to the next one. There I began to desire to bake. But it was only desire: we all graduated with being diagnosed as “mentally retarded.” That stigma prevents future education for us and to even generally be accepted as a valuable part of society. But after graduation I moved to Uzhgorod and heard that there is a bakery project at the local church. I immediately went and asked them to give me the opportunity to learn. And my wish was fulfilled and I am very happy! Thank you all for not being indifferent to my fate.

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