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COVID-19 Response

COVID-19 is shaking and shutting down the world in unprecedented and global ways. Here at ServeNow, we remain committed to serving the most vulnerable around the world. We also believe in times of uncertainty, we must guard our hearts against fear, panic, anxiety, and self-preservation. Instead, now is the time to demonstrate compassion, generosity, and selflessness, especially towards those most in need. Therefore, we wanted to take a moment to share with you how some of our teams are responding around the world…

New Bakery Class in India!

We have officially opened a brand-new bakery school for women in India! The women enrolled are from slum areas and most have been forced to work in a dump-yard and sell whatever recyclable waste they can find at the market. It is one of the few ways to make money and there is little opportunity to escape poverty.

Recap of 2019 & Vision for 2020

We have reached MILLIONS of people literally just this year in 2019 alone through a new video series called the Road to Paradise put together through our Arabic team and pushed out through social media avenues. The Basic Series Discipleship books were launched in new languages and countries, such as KiSwahili (Kenya), French (Ivory Coast, Togo, Benin), Kirundi (Burundi) and some new Asian languages. Thousands of copies were printed and a couple hundred thousand people were impacted by these books. Additionally, being we are living in a time that is seeing a historic global refugee crisis (over 70 million refugees in the world today), I am happy that we were able to help provide aid to refugee’s around the world from a Yazidi refugee camp in Iraq, to legal immigrants at our own border in the US/Mexico, to Sudanese refugee’s living in one of the world’s largest refugee camp in Northern Uganda.

Impact Story Highlights: October 2018-January 2019

Every week, we receive amazing stories of impact from around the world through ServeNow’s efforts. This is only possible because of people of like you getting involved and responding to God’s heart for the world and the most vulnerable. Click here to read just a few of those ways you are making a difference over the last few months: Impact Stories October 2018 to January 2019.

Blankets & Basic Series Books Opening Hearts to Jesus

“Christians from the church have come here to my village today with blankets to keep us warm this winter. We are a poor community and cannot afford these things for our families. Nobody had ever come to our village like these before. I am touched by the kindness and the love of God you have shared. I wanted to have a copy of the book that said Salvation and I hope I learn more about the Jesus you have shared about through this book. Thank you for coming to us once again.”

Team Member Mission Trip Experience

My name is Carol and I would like to take a moment to share with you some of my experiences on my first mission trip! Upon arriving in South Asia my first impression was the warmth of the people. We felt so genuinely welcomed everywhere we went. There were so many amazing moments, so many blessings and so much love! The mission touched my heart in unexpected ways, it was life changing!

Good Deeds Reveal a Good God

The principle of the school said, “These winter coverings will allow the children to come to school on a regular basis. During the cold weather, many children do not come to school because of lack of warm clothes to wear. Thank you ServeNow Nepal for your great effort in not only providing winter coverings but in also helping and encouraging these children to come to school regularly.”

Child Sponsorship Stories from Uganda

I hope to become a medical doctor and provide for my family and my community. My mother has struggled with a skin disease for years and whenever my siblings get sick our father struggles to find money to for good medical care. I am grateful to ServeNow and my lovely sponsors, for the great changes they have brought into my life and now my future looks bright!

Basic Series Leading Many to Salvation

Manjari received a copy of the book Salvation from the church and asked her son to read it to her. After listening to the message, she was convicted that she had not experienced the salvation provided by Jesus Christ. Realizing her need, she went into her room and began crying before the Lord in prayer and confession and asked the Lord to forgive her sins and fill her heart. Since then her life has changed noticeably, and with the help of her son she is spending more time in prayer and God’s Word. The Lord is using her mightily and through her prayers, people are being healed and coming to know the Lord.

ServeNow Medical Clinic’s Aid Flood Victims

“My house was totally submerged in water and my sons and I spent over a week in waist-deep water, trying to salvage whatever we could. The exposure to contaminated water has caused me to contract a skin disease. I can’t afford to see a doctor as I lost my money in the floods. This camp was sent by God to my village and today I saw the doctor and told her all my issues and even got some free medicine. Thank you for giving us a ray of hope in dark times.”

43 Women Set to Graduate Tailoring Center in Nepal…and a New Class to Begin in October!

“It was a great moment in my life to go through the six-month job skill training. Now I am running a tailoring shop where I also do cosmetics and earn more than 18,000 rupees per month! I am grateful to ServeNow Nepal for saving my life when I was in distress! Through this income I am able to cover all of my expenses. Thank you for caring for us even after graduation!”

Ukraine Summer Camp Impact 2018

Seven-year old Masha lives with her family in a war zone and it was a challenge to bring her to camp as the family is on a limited income, but thanks to being sponsored she was able to come! Since the war began five years ago, the children haven’t seen anything different. At camp she learned that God is with her always and that Christ can give her abundant life, as well as hope and peace in her daily life.

Flood Relief

ServeNow, would like to place a special request for the relief efforts and rehabilitation of the Kerala Flood victims. Focus will be on mobilizing relief with blankets and medical clinics within a short span of time.

I Was Filled With Joy!

“One day I was stressed by many things in my life and tears kept flowing. During a sleepless nights at around 3:00am, I started reading the Basic Series booklet about the Holy Spirit. As I was reading, I came across the author’s notes about the Holy Spirit being a comforter and at that moment I felt someone comforting me and I was filled with joy. My pain and troubles disappeared and I started laughing and fell asleep joyfully and peacefully. I am so grateful for this booklet and for the work the Holy Spirit has done and is still doing in my life.”

Medical Clinic Brings Hope and Healing

The tests done at the clinic were helpful in diagnosing illnesses which had been left untreated for far too long. I hope that we will be able to continue this partnership and reach out to many villages like these so that we can reach the unreached with the Gospel.

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