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Another “Container of Hope” Blesses Many in Panama!

Over the years, ServeNow has been able to ship several forty foot containers filled with humanitarian aid, medical equipment and many other items that are a blessing to thousands in need around the world. The most recent container was sent to Panama. Below are some stories we received from John and Aimee Gordon, missionaries with Sport X Change who worked hard on the ground to be the point people for this container. He describes the impact it is having and ways the contents have been a blessing to their ministry and other ministries in Panama as they labor to show and share the love of God and Good News of Jesus Christ!

We are in awe at how the Lord works! As some of you may know, God sent a 40 ft. container through the organization ServeNow and dear friend Ben Foley, the president of ServeNow, who wanted to help Sport X Change in any way that they could. It is our joy to report how God has been at work through this 40 ft. container, which arrived full of everything from medical supplies such as wheelchairs and hospital beds to bicycles, clothing, shoes, furniture, kitchen supplies and so much more. These goods provided a means for us to partner with other local organizations to point many to the hope of the Gospel.

Highlights from the container:

Heart’s Cry Special Needs Orphanage: Much of the hospital beds, wheelchairs and medical supplies were donated to Heart’s Cry, a local Christian organization which is opening the first and only special needs orphanage in the country of Panamá. Heart’s Cry was overjoyed with all they received to better care for so many of the helpless and forgotten children in Panamá, with the goal to lead those precious lives to Christ.

FCMS Medical Ministry: We have been able to give medical supplies to the local Christian medical ministry, FCMS, whom SXC has had a long-term relationship with. This organization takes medical supplies in to hard to reach places, providing free medical care while sharing the love and message of Christ.

Refugee/Illegal Immigrant Ministry: The container has also opened doors to partner with a local ministry to the refugees and illegal immigrants being held by the government in the city. As we have given tangible expressions of God’s love by meeting basic needs such as clothing and toiletries to people being held and possibly deported, we have had many opportunities to share the Gospel and shine His light into much darkness and despair. We are honored to be a part of this ongoing ministry in the city and ask that you please pray for these men and women, many from Cuba, Venezuela, China, Pakistan and many other countries, seeking a better life elsewhere, to find true, lasting hope not in a place, but a Person, Jesus Christ.

Indigenous Wounaan Tribe: Our team of Palm Beach Atlantic University students who came down to serve during their spring break helped distribute many goods from the container, specifically to the local church and indigenous Wounaan tribe. We had the privilege of staying in the village with the Wounaan tribe and helping re-build Armodio and family’s hut which was destroyed by strong winds. During our time in the village, we were able to worship together, share burdens and testimonies and refresh them in the Word of Christ, the only One Who can ultimately carry them through the storms of life.

At the men’s refugee/illegal immigrant ministry, we gave out clothing from the container from ServeNow and a New Testament to over 100 guys, played sports and left them with the greatest hope of the Gospel.

We also were able to give out clothing from the container to this dear indigenous Wounaan tribe.

The photo below is of young women at the refugee/illegal immigrant ministry, receiving clothing and other basic needs from the container we received from ServeNow. 

The photo below is of David, a man in our church who has been suffering, and we were able to give him a wheelchair from the container.

If you would like to partner with ServeNow to continue enabling us to serve many thousands more around the world in a variety of ways, check out ways you can get involved on our website:

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