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Asia Flood Update

India is one of several South Indian countries to suffer huge floods in this year’s unprecedented monsoon season. More than 1,400 people lost their lives and nearly 2 million have been affected in several states in India. Many more saw their homes washed away, families split up, and crops on which they depended to survive ruined. The crisis has had relatively little worldwide coverage, with news organizations more focused on hurricanes on the other side of the world.

During the last week when we finally could restore connection with the inundated areas from the state of Bihar (one of the worst effected sates) our partners requested urgent medical clinics. Even after the water has gone down in some areas, still as their houses have been destroyed, many are living in makeshift tents (some are literally living on the roads) and there the stagnant water, unhygienic living condition, and lack of food all are leading to a major health hazard and people are falling sick, especially children and the elderly.

Responding to the need, ServeNow organized medical clinics in Kisanganj area in Bihar. More than 400 patients were treated and given medicine. The condition was such that all our medicines ran out and the doctor who came with us was too exhausted to see any more, so we returned from there with a promise to the people to do more camps in near future.

The principal of a local Christian school opened their campus for us to conduct the clinics, which is a great blessing as the patients could at least wait for their turn in dry ground rather than waiting on the wet ground. We are working in close coordination with local ServeNow Ambassadors and the doctors on our panel, even from other states, to bring them to help out with a couple of medical camps. It’s also encouraging to see that local media is taken note of our efforts and published about the camps in newspaper!


Please remember the flood victims from Bihar and Assam in your prayer as thousands of people are still counting on us to do the medical camps in their flood affected areas. We have to go back to them fast and we also need to start working on getting winter coverings blankets for thousands of families as they have lost everything. Starting next month, with their weak bodies, they will be left to fight the biting cold. This winter is projected to be one of the worst (coldest) in decades. Apart from medical camps which is immediate need, the long term help would be the warm blankets to save them from winter.

We are very thankful to people across the Globe who are standing with us, praying for us, supporting and encouraging us to show God’s love in action, through these acts of compassion!

***If you would like to donate to medical clinics for those in flood affected area, you can give here: Medical Clinics. To donate towards providing winter coverings, click here: Winter Coverings.


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