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Basic Series Booklets Changing Lives in Asia!

The Basic Series books are tools that are at the core of our ministry. In the parts of the world we serve in, pastors, believers, and churches have absolutely no literature to help them understand the very foundational truths of the faith. These booklets are often their only resources, even sometimes their only material possessions! They are treasured and valued in a way that the Western world often takes for granted. Above any other “need” these resources are continued expressed as the number one greatest need of all. Here are some testimonies that demonstrate the amazing impact these booklets are having in Asia.

*Sinu is twenty five years old and shares the following testimony, “In 2016 my friends asked me to attend a church but I kept putting it off. However, one fine day they persuaded me, so I came to church and I received the booklet titled, The Basic Things you Need to Know About Salvation. The book design and the word Salvation attracted me to read it. So, after going home I started reading the book and I was convinced by the Holy Spirit to confess my sins and I realized that I need salvation and it can happen through Christ Jesus! Immediately I went to the pastor and said that I accepted Jesus and I want to be baptized, so the Pastor baptized me. Now I am regularly attending church and helping in the ministry. Thank you for distributing the Basic Series and helping me to know who the real God is.

Pastor *Sinjay was born in a family of the Lambadi tribe, as the fifth of seven children. While growing up, he worked for a short time with a Hindu priest. During his stay at the temple he learned many things about Hinduism. He believed that the gods he served were real. However, when he was in the  fourth grade he heard about Jesus. Some missionaries came to his village to distribute gospel tracts. His father met one of the members and requested him to let his son join their school in the fifth grade. In that school he attended morning devotions and a prayer time. He mistakenly believed that Jesus was just a god like every other god that he had worshiped. Later he heard a sermon based on John 1:12 which transformed his thinking. After trusting in Christ, he was baptized. He completed a theological education and now faithfully serves in the ministry. Pastor *Sinjay shares that, “ I am really very happy for the Basic Series, youth members are especially benefiting by it. After reading The Basic Things You Need to Know About Jesus, they started to come to church regularly and grow spiritually. Youth have started to participate in the ministry with me. I really thank ServeNow for helping the church to grow spiritually.”

Recently we followed up with pastors we have been serving and equipping with the Basic Series books. Pastor Daniel received the second book in the series, and he shared that the first book, The Basic Things You Need to Know About Jesus was an awesome booklet to learn many things about Jesus. I hope this next book, The Basic Things You Need to Know About Reading and Studying the Bible will now teach the church about reading the Bible and meditating on God’s Word. Really this was a great blessing to them. The church is so grateful to this ministry for their efforts.

At another recent pastors gathering, seven pastors representing ten churches, were present and we had a good time of fellowship together. Most of these pastors are working hard in rural areas and no one encourages them. The pastors’ follow-up program which we hold is often the only source of encouragement and inspiration to them to move on in ministry. They face many hardships in ministry as they are frequently opposed and even sometimes persecuted by extremists. Our meetings provided them a small platform to come together, encourage each other and pray for one another.

One pastor told us the following, “All the believers in our congregations have come from non-Christian backgrounds. The Basic Series books are a great teaching material for our believers. They are learning from these books and are growing in their spiritual life. I myself use these books to teach and preach, in my churches. So I also have been blessed by these valuable books. We are indeed grateful to ServeNow for providing such books and materials to us.”

Mr. *Vaibhav was born in 1959. When he was 18 years old, he was diagnosed with tuberculosis. All the doctors declared that he would not survive more than three months. During those three months, he met a servant of God who prayed for him and encouraged him to do God’s ministry. He started going to church and eventually he was healed. After his marriage in 1983, he went for Bible training. For the past 7 years he has also been initiating a pastors’ fellowship in his area. He started his church in a small room with 5 people. It has grown to be a fellowship where 120 people attend services regularly. Pastor Vaibhav shares “I, and my church are praying regularly for ServeNow, for their dedication and ministry. We could not be able to go to every village and state, but ServeNow is going with The Basic Series and helping the churches to grow and giving tracks to unbelievers and helping them to understand who the real God is. I am very happy that me and my church are partnering with ServeNow. We have received The Basic Things You Need to Know About God book, and I and the church would like to share with unbelievers after reading this.

***We would love to have you partner with ServeNow to equip and encourage more pastors, churches and believers through the Basic Series booklets. ServeNow is working with about 1,000 churches around the world. The Basic Series are thirty books total, just thirty-two pages each. They are in 13 languages and have been found to facilitate life-transformation, spiritual renewal and pastoral aid in remarkable ways. Each booklet only costs $1 to get into the hands of 1 person. Click here to make a contribution today: Equip Pastors, Churches & Believers with the Basic Series Books. If you would also like to help support our efforts to gather pastors together for training, encouragement, prayer and fellowship, click here: Pastoral Training.

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