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The Basic Series Continues to Transform Lives

ServeNow continues to partner with close to 1,500 churches in India, Nepal, Uganda, Ukraine and Sweden through The Basic Things You Need to Know series of discipleship books. These books are now translated into 14 languages, including our most recent one; Arabic. The first books of the series are also now available for purchase (with more to come!) in English and Spanish on our website. These are great tools for churches, youth groups, small groups, individuals or ministry/missions outreaches. To purchase, click here: Basic Series Books. To read more about this project in general, click here. Below are stories from this past month that demonstrate the continued impact of these little books around the world! (You can also more stories here and here).

Uganda, Africa

Last week, our Basic Series coordinator concluded his third round of visiting various churches. He is planning on a fourth round later on this week. The testimonies we hear of the impact of these books are amazing.

In Mpumude Gospel Messenger Church, members were studying The Basic Things You Need to Know About Jesus. The church members had never had any type of discipleship class,  nor any teaching on the life of Jesus. Therefore, this book brought valuable knowledge to the people in this church. Many of the questions the members had concerning Jesus were all answered in the book. Now that they understand more of who Jesus is, other Biblical teachings are easier to grasp for them as well.

The pastor of this church in Mpumude, Kaye Steven, said: These books have brought revival to our church; after spending time teaching members through The Basic Things You Need to Know About Jesus, lives have been transformed and eternally impacted. The desire for the Word of God and fellowship has increased. These books have also shaped the character of those who have studied them. There is a big difference as they now have the fear of God, and they are more active and reliable in their ministry. Ministers, especially the departmental leaders, have discovered a secret from Jesus in that before Jesus started his ministry, he spent time with God. This challenged them to seek God before making any decision in ministry. This, in return, blesses our church.


The pastor also said: The books have brought a desire in the church members’ hearts to read the Bible, to fellowship and to seek God in prayer; desiring to know Christ more, just as Nicodemus and Zacharias sought to see Jesus.

In Bulyakigambo Gospel Messenger Church, members were studying The Basic Things You Need to Know About Prayer. The reading and studying of these books have brought a great change in the lives of the church members. The book also taught members of this church to persist in prayer by praying until they receive what they are asking for. The pastor said that before reading the book, some members were praying because they were told to do so, but now their prayer lives have been revived. They realize now the importance of prayer. The church members also learned about effective praying and why some prayers are not answered.


In the churches where they were studying The Basic Things You Need to Know About the Bible, members’ lives were transformed as the message awakened in them a longing for God’s Word. They now have a new boldness to face any situation, because they derive their faith from the Word of God. They understand their power, authority and victory in the Word of God. Francis, a member of Kayinja said; All along I have been reading the Bible just because my pastor told me to read it. I never realized the importance of this great book until I read The Basic Things You Need to Know About Reading and Studying the Bible. I now realize that I was missing a lot by not truly studying the Bible, but simply reading it to pass time. I now seek God through studying his Word often, and I have benefited a lot. I feel like I am in a new world!


In Bujayu, the members were studying The Basic Things You Need to Know About Salvation. One member said; The book has helped us during evangelism ministry, because most of the common questions asked in the field are answered in this booklet. For example; what the true meaning of salvation is. This book has also encouraged us to work for God through evangelism, to walk as children of the light and to manifest Christ to others. Mudde Moses, the pastor, witnessed the impact of these books in the lives of the church members; many are now on fire for God, and they have a passion for the things of God. He is therefore very grateful for the Basic Series books.


Through The Basic Things You Need to Know About Reading and Studying the Bible, members were greatly helped and inspired to read the Word of God because it is a mirror that reflects one’s status spiritually. It is food for the spirit, and just as we desire physical food, we ought to desire spiritual food as well. Also, God’s Word is a two-edged sword, and it’s important that we pray according to his will. The Basic Series booklets have stirred up a desire to love, trust, obey and lean on the Word of God. Sins have been confessed, and now it’s easier to see the Word of God in a different light



Paul is originally from Western Odisha, but he currently works and lives in Angul. He was born and raised in a Christian family, but he was not a born-again believer in Jesus. Five years ago, while he was attending a discipleship camp, he gave his heart to Jesus and accepted him as his Lord and Savior. Since then, Paul and his family attend a church which is close to the factory where he works. He has already read The Basic Things You Need to Know About Jesus and was very encouraged by it. Although he has heard about Jesus since childhood, he did not have an intimate relationship with Jesus. This book inspired him and rekindled his longing to walk closer with Jesus. This time, he gladly accepted a copy of The Basic Things You Need to Know About the Bible. He said to us; these are such precious books. They enlighten me spiritually. I am now able to tell my colleagues at the factory about Jesus.


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