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Basic Series Equipping Churches

As has been communicated in prior blog posts, the Basic Series is a set of discipleship resources that are at the heart and core of the ministry of ServeNow. These little books are strengthening the Church at the most grassroots level in a way that has far exceeded our imagination when we first began! Each week, we receive story after story of lives being transformed, believers growing in their faith, as well as entire churches being equipped and emboldened to share their faith. Once again, here are just a few stories received a week ago!


In Rwenjiri, members were studying The Basic Things You Need to Know About Salvation. One of the pastors of this church said: The book opened members’ understanding towards salvation. Up until now, some members didn’t know why they actually got saved, what to do after getting saved, how to walk and behave in this new life and what salvation is all about. Through studying the book, members realized that they were purchased with the precious blood of our Lord Jesus Christ, therefore, they now value salvation. Over time, I have witnessed members’ behaviors and characters change after knowing who they are as revealed in the book.


In Buyondo, they were studying The Basic Things You Need to Know About Jesus. Some members declared that prior to reading the book, they could not explain who Jesus is. Some thought that he was only an extraordinary person. Yet through this book, members realized that he was like us, someone who had emotions and feelings, just as we do, and yet he endured and overcame all challenges. The church members were challenged to be like him.


In Nakigalala, members were studying The Basic Things You Need to Know About Salvation. The message in this book compelled members to reach out to non-believers, since they now understand the concept of salvation.


In Muwumuza, members had so many questions concerning their faith, but through The Basic Things You Need to Know About Jesus, their questions were answered.


A pastor in India: Through The Basic Things You Need to Know About Jesus, my church members are so encouraged. They talk at length about this subject, because they’ve all become Christians just recently through our outreach ministry. We are now able to talk about Jesus more in depth at our weekly Bible study. Thank you for the ministry of ServeNow.

India - Pastor Andrews


One of the pastors told us: Thank you so much for providing us with the Basic Things You Need to Know About Jesus. We count this as a blessing from the Lord to nurture our believers, and I strongly feel that this will help not only the new believers, but everyone else in our church as well. By the grace of God, our church is growing, and I thank you for providing such an important booklet for spiritual growth. May the Lord help the ministry of ServeNow to grow in every corner of this country!


To strengthen, equip and empower more new believers and churches, consider giving a donation towards our Scripture program. There are hundreds of other churches pleading with us to come to their church, community or country. The first four books in the series have already been translated, printed and distributed in 13 languages. We just finished a test run of two of the books in Arabic. The next four in the series (God, The Holy Spirit, The Church, The Bible) have been translated, but still need to be printed and distributed during the course of this year to churches already part of the program. Others need to be reprinted for new churches. To make a donation towards the Scripture Program, click here: Equip a Church. Or, contact us for more information if you/your church would be interested in taking on a church, an entire language group or specific country. We would love to partner together with you!

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