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Basic Series Impact & Matching Grant Opportunity!

Just this last month, we did a deep analysis of the impact of the Basic Series Discipleship booklets over these first five years of ServeNow. We knew prior to this that these booklets were having a profound impact, as every week we receive story after story of lives being transformed, people coming to faith in Christ, entire churches experiencing revival, and believers emboldened to share their faith with others.

However, we were still shocked to see what this recent analysis revealed when averaged together. Here were the results:

On an average, every 3,000 copies of a Basic Series book will see the following results:

* Used by 50 churches with an average of 60 people = 3,000 adherents
* Used by an average of 59 pastors
* 62% percent will share their faith to at least another person = 1,860 people
* Of those, 37% will come to the Lord = 688 people
*The average church growth over the year will be 43%
* Revitalization of the people in any church will average 85%
* 35% in the church will respond to the calling to serve through humanitarian projects

Here is one recent story from a pastor in Asia, to bring to life some of the above statistics:  Through these Basic Series books there has been a tremendous change among my believers. Many youth who were addicted to alcohol and drugs have experienced transformation in their lives. I would like to share the examples of two Brothers – Abhisek and Sonu who are young and had been using narcotics. There has been a tremendous change in their lives after they were introduced to these booklets at church. They say that they realized that they were not living their lives as Jesus would like them to and were repentant of their sins after they read the Basic Things You need to know about Salvation. The believers in my church have started taking their faith seriously and have grown stronger in their faith. My heartfelt thanks to ServeNow for their effort and I hope that I continue receiving these materials in future too.

Can you imagine a more impactful mission project than this, when you consider this only costs $1 a book?

We are also excited to share that one partner of ServeNow was recently reading some of the impact stories with his wife and praying about the current need and opportunity to get these into the hands of more believers around the world. In an effort to inspire others to give towards this, this couple has promised to match up to $72,000 to print 3,000 copies of the next two books in the series ($18,000) in six languages, as well as reprints of the first five books in six languages ($54,000), so more churches can be added to this program!

That means, every gift will be doubled and thus double the impact!

Here is what that can mean to break it down further:

  • $300 impacts not just one church, but two.
  • $600 impacts not just two churches, but four.
  • $900 impacts not just three churches, but six.
  • $3,000 impacts not just what is outlined above, but double!
  • $6,000 impacts 200 churches, tripling the impact above!
  • $18,000 will ensure the next two books are printed and distributed in six languages impacting hundreds of churches, thousands of believer, and a couple thousand people who have not yet come to Christ!

Now is the time and this is an awesome way to make a real difference in the lives of so many people through ServeNow!

Yes, I want to donate towards this matching grant: Basic Series Matching Grant Opportunity.

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