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Basic Series Leading Many to Salvation

And you will know the Truth and the Truth will set you free – John 8:32

God desires all people to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth -1 Timothy 2:4

Mrs. Miriam, a pastor’s wife in Uganda shared, “I thank God for these booklets as well as the author, as the message came when we needed it most. Our church was on the verge of collapse starting from the top. Members were discouraged and many had left, but after reading the booklets, they returned and are actively attending church services. This booklet taught us that Jesus Christ is the one building his church. Our unity is now restored, and we can fellowship under the leadership of Jesus Christ. The Church is one body and like our human body all the parts are different but essential for overall functioning.”

I have personally benefited from reading the Basic Series books as I use it as my own Bible study tool. Our congregation loves these books! After studying the one on Salvation the women’s fellowship in our church has been revived. Some of the women who did not come regularly are now attending on a regular basis.”

Manjari received a copy of the book Salvation from the church and asked her son to read it to her. After listening to the message, she was convicted that she had not experienced the salvation provided by Jesus Christ. Realizing her need, she went into her room and began crying before the Lord in prayer and confession and asked the Lord to forgive her sins and fill her heart. Since then her life has changed noticeably, and with the help of her son she is spending more time in prayer and God’s Word. The Lord is using her mightily and through her prayers, people are being healed and coming to know the Lord.

Phiroj, a lay leader says, “After reading the basic book about Jesus and How to Read and Study the Bible my thinking about the Christian life has changed. Previously, I was a nominal believer but these books have inspired me to live a life committed to Jesus Christ. Thank you ServeNow for providing such life-changing books!”

***Over the first 5 years of ServeNow’s young history, we have, with your partnership, been able to distribute over 300,000 Basic Series booklets around the world. Every week, we receive stories of impact and transformation such as the ones above. Over 100,000 have come to faith in Jesus as a result! If you would like to learn more about the Basic Series books and watch a video from our founder on this core project, please click here: The Basic Series Challenge.

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