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Bicycles for Pastors – Uganda and India

Many pastors, especially in more remote/poor villages, walk miles every week due to having no means of transportation. They cannot afford even a bicycle, let alone a motorcycle, car or truck. Some of these faithful pastors actually serve more than one congregation or are out visiting the sick, or sharing the Gospel with other villages. Their feet are blistered and dirty, but Romans 15:10 is certainly true of them: How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!

ServeNow has found that equipping a pastor with a simple bicycle can really encourage their hearts and increase their effectiveness and efficiency. A bicycle, in fact, “speeds up” the spreading of the Good News of the Gospel! The pastors also realize that they personally are not forgotten, that God cares about their needs too.

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Here are several testimonies from pastors who received a bicycle through ServeNow:

  • I walked 30 miles to attend this seminar, yet there are times I am required to walk even many more miles for the sake of ministry. Sometimes, I am unable to attend beneficial conferences due to long distances. I know that God cares about every detail of our lives. I was in need of some type of transportation, but had no hope of getting it. Thank you, ServeNow, for this blessing.


  • When I was saved 20 years ago, I began sharing the Good News about Jesus in different villages. As a result, several house churches have been established in those villages. I have been walking 120 miles each week to share the Gospel and to visit church members. But now I can visit them more often, and I can do more in the limited time that I have! Thank you, ServeNow, for your thoughtfulness to pastors like us in remote villages.

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  • This is an answer to prayer. Thieves broke into my house two weeks ago and stole my bicycle. The past two weeks were very challenging for me, my family, and ministry at large as I had to walk 14 miles to and from church, three days a week. What a blessing from ServeNow to receive a bicycle at this time!

2014-2 Pr. Charles gets on his donated bicyle

  • Pastor John Fride, who lives quite far from his church, says: I had to walk 6 hours to and from church, 5 days a week. I am so grateful to ServeNow for this bicycle! This will allow me to give more time to ministry, and less time walking.

2014-2 Pr. Frank appreciates Pr. Moses behind is his house

  • Pastor Damiano used to walk 18 miles to Kyengeza for meetings. He says: I had to leave my house 4 hours early, just so that I could get to the meetings on time.

 2014-2 Some of the believers

  • Pastor Mpagi Jude of Mabindo lives 4 miles from church. He is married and has 3 children. He says: My children and wife have been attending services at a nearby church due to the long distance to our own church. I am so excited for this bicycle, because now we will be able to attend church as a family, because I can take them on my new bicycle to church.


  • Pastor Mukisa Noah of Kyetika usually walks 10 miles to church, together with his wife. He says: I used to carry our 2-year-old child on my shoulders, which was a great challenge. Now that I have received a bicycle, transportation will be much easier!


Be the Answer to a Pastor’s Prayer! You can be the answer to a pastor’s prayer and “speed up” the spreading of the Good News of the Gospel by providing a bicycle: Bless a Pastor with a Bicycle.


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