You Can Change the World!

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You Can Change the World! by Lars B. Dunberg presents how you can start right away on something to help and make a difference right now. All of us long to change the world and make it a better place. What if someone told you that this power has been inside you all along? You just might change the world and drawer nearer to Jesus Christ while doing it. Discover 23 simple ways in which anybody–even you–can change the world!

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the pain and trouble you see around you? This world is so large, and so filled with problems. It’s often easiest to rely on large organizations, governments, and churches to provide help and comfort for the needy and suffering. But when we do that, we miss out on the blessings: the joy on someone’s face when we give, the encouragement to our faith as we see God provide, or the sense of meaning and purpose we feel when our lives affect others. It is wonderful to watch God’s hand move and work. But Christians often miss his movements because we are removed from the process — depending solely on organizations to solve the problems and ease the pain around us.

Lars B. Dunberg is originally from Sweden and has lived both in Britain and the United States. He has ministered in 85 counties and worked alongside believers from all walks of life. His passion is to help every believer understand, and share, the life-giving Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Lars has been in ministry for more than 50 years, serving as president of British Youth for Christ 1968-1970, president of Living Bibles International 1977-1992, and of International Bible Society 1992-1998. In 1998 he and his wife Doreen founded Global Action and served there until 2012. In 2013 he became the chair of ServeNow and then appointed president in April 2014. Lars has served as a Salvation Army officer in the UK and Sweden, and as an ordained minister with the Covenant Church of Sweden. He is the author of some 15 books and author and/or editor in chief for the Basic Things you Need to Know series.

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