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Break Barriers in Uganda Children’s Education

Happy Grandparent’s Day! Did you know that grandparents in sub-Saharan Africa have cared for their grandchildren for generations?

It’s not uncommon for grandparents to step up and take on the hefty responsibility of raising their grandchildren. Whether it’s the death of a parent or financial challenges, many grandparents selflessly serve as caregivers. Worldwide, grandparents raising a grandchild experience significantly more stress than other caregivers. It’s truly a selfless love to grandchildren and helps them survive their childhood years!

In Uganda, approximately 660,000 children have been orphaned as a result of deaths due to AIDS as of 2015 (UNAIDS, 2016). Across sub-Saharan Africa, the burden of care for these orphans falls on the shoulders of the grandparents. That’s where ServeNow comes in! Our National Director of Uganda serves 4,000 orphaned and disadvantaged children with quality education to powerfully break the cycle of poverty, all with Jesus’ hope for the future.

Vulnerable children’s education depends on incredible partners like you. One way ServeNow helps achieve this is by providing shelter. ServeNow advocates the highest quality of residential care for girls or boys needing placement outside their homes. These family-style homes shelter orphans and children with single parents or grandparents as caregivers. Not only do these Girl’s and Boy’s Homes offer a safe, stable living situation, but they also combat the issue of inaccessible education.

Each home is nestled on-site on the campus, making it easy for girls and boys to stay in school and combating inaccessible education. When you shelter vulnerable children, a home of Jesus’ hope is built! These Boy’s and Girl’s Homes keep children in school safe, avoiding the dangers of teenage pregnancy, child marriage, crime, and death.

But this mission isn’t accomplished alone. We’re calling on people like you to help fund the construction and operation of these family-style homes. All eight locations need two family-style homes for boys and girls. Each home costs $100,000 to build and $3,500 monthly to operate. You can provide precious kids with a home of care, love, and hope! But also you’re relieving the burden for thousands of selfless grandparents.

When you donate to ServeNow Uganda’s Schools, you’re not only providing a home for precious kids, but you’re also relieving the burden of thousands of selfless grandparents. And with education, these children have a chance to break the cycle of poverty and build a brighter future. So together, let’s give these children and their caregivers God’s love, care, and hope they deserve. Let’s build a home of Jesus’ hope for those who need it most.

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