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Changed Lives Through The Basic Series

Each week, amazing stories keep coming in concerning The Basic Series and the Story of Jesus, distributed in Nepal, India and Uganda. We are so encouraged by them, but we need your help! If you or your church would like to “adopt” a language group, country or book check out these two documents: Basic Series Proposal & Basic Series Books. You can also purchase the Basic Series books from our website to use in your church, home group, small group, youth group etc.

Here are some of the most recent stories:


Josephine shared about the impact of The Basic Things You Need to Know About Reading and Studying the Bible. She said: Before reading this book, I was a victim to fear. I lived my life being afraid all the time, I had no hope at all. I was afraid of anything and everything in life and as a result, I felt overwhelmed most of the time. I was often in tears. But I thank God for this book, because it has revived my life. Its message has encouraged me to have faith in God and in his Word. I have learned to trust God, knowing that he enables me to overcome all situations. My joy and hope has been restored through the message in this book. All my fears are gone and the Word of God is abundant in my life. I have come to desire the Word of God. It is my daily bread. I look forward to attend services where the Word of God is shared. I am so grateful for what the book has done in my life. God bless the author abundantly.

Uganda 8

In another church, the members were studying The Basic Things You Need to Know About Reading and Studying the Bible. They were motivated to know more about the Word of God. The pastor said: Since our region is based on agriculture, most of the members spend the majority of their time in the fields and reserve little or no time to study the Word of God. Yet, when these books were given to them, and when they took time read them, they began to realize how much they lack spiritually. They now get together regularly to study these books. As a result, we see spiritual growth, increased ministry, responsibility and reliability. They have learned to cling to the Word of God by confessing and praying, and by realizing that only the Word of God can set someone free.

Uganda 3

The Basic Series coordinator met an older lady named Nabirye who had read The Basic Things You Need to Know About Prayer, given to her by a friend. She testified that as a result of her unwillingness to forgive, her heart had hardened. She saw everyone as an enemy. After reading the book, she said: When I received this book from a friend, I read that it was about forgiveness. Initially I stopped reading, but then felt like someone had pierced me; the Holy Spirit began to convict me of my unwillingness to forgive.The Holy Spirit gave me the grace and strength to forgive everyone, and I am now happy with everyone around me; the heaviness in my heart has lifted and my heart is light. I thank God for delivering me from my hardened heart through these books. May God bless the author.

Uganda 7


Pastor *Daniel, a coordinator and leader of pastors in Nepal, said: I shared with the other pastors about the Story of Jesus booklet, and they really wanted to have copies of the Story of Jesus for their own churches as well. This will enable children to share the Good News with other children.This is a very effective tool! So, we provided 16,000 copies of Story of Jesus to more than 50 churches. Pastor *Daniel also requested us to conduct medical camps or other humanitarian programs for the slum people in the northern part of Kathmandu.

Norbu, one of the children who received the Story of Jesus, said: I am from a Buddhist family, and I heard about Jesus a few years back. And now I have my very own copy of the Story of Jesus, which is a really nice book. I enjoy reading it and now I know more about Jesus. This helps me to tell my friends at school the story from creation to the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you for this great book. Children like me really love this booklet!


Pastors from different churches throughout the country have received more than 5,000 copies of The Story of Jesus which will be distributed in their churches as well as to the children in their surroundings. The pastors find the booklets very helpful in sharing the Good News with others. As one of the pastors said: These booklets lay a proper foundation of Christian faith. When the person(s) accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior, these books really help them grow in their relationship with Jesus! We are using these books in our House Fellowship Bible study group. People like the booklets very much. May the Lord bless your ministry in reaching out to this hurting and lost world.

Nepal - Scripture 9

A Christian Society organized a three-day meeting in Kathmandu where more than 300 pastors/leaders attended from all over the country. It was a great time for us to share about The Story of Jesus and the importance of The Basic Series. Pastors/leaders were very excited about these booklets. So, we distributed 32,000 copies of The Story of Jesus. One of the pastors said: We have heard about this book, and it’s such a joy to actually receive the books. We will hand them out to our children. This book seems so interesting, and it’s a great way to share the Gospel among the children and youths. Thank you and may God bless your ministry. It is also encouraging to see the impact this book has as children are very excited to share this booklet with their friends. We are getting many requests for The Basic Series.

Nepal - SOJ    Nepal - SOJ_child to child


This update comes from one of our ServeNow staff in India: Mrs. Lavanya is a widow in her early 60’s who supports herself by working as a maid at our house. Just recently, when the children came back after their summer break, we had a special welcoming for them in our home. Mrs. Lavanya was so moved that she immediately gave a donation for the children. The gift was 20% of her monthly income! I know the Lord is working in her. She received a Bible when she started working for us, and this time she wants to read The Basic Series books. Also, I just found out that she started going to church regularly and decided to get baptized. The words in the Bible encouraged her, and the words in The Basic Series motivated her to take this step of faith.  

India 3

About three years ago, Jonas came to know the Lord. When he believed, his wife and three children also followed his new found faith in Christ. Since then, he has been actively involved in church ministry and has been growing spiritually. He helps the pastor and often takes leadership roles in church programs. He says: The Basic Series books have helped me a lot. I was not regularly reading my Bible. I used to read small portions from Scripture here and there. But after reading The Basic Things You Need to Know About Reading and Studying the Bible, I am now reading my Bible regularly! It has increased my love and respect for God’s Word.

Odisha - Jonas Asso Pastor_Bhajipur Church_5 June 016

Ayuba, a believer, has read the previous books of The Basic Series and was very blessed. He shared: Previously, I used to read only a few verses from the Bible, and then not even regularly. But after reading The Basic Things You Need to Know About Reading and Studying the Bible, I was challenged and encouraged to read the Bible regularly, not a few verses, but a few chapters every day. I also do some studies on my own as I’m reading through the Bible. I feel that I am growing in the Lord.

India - Odissa - Dera Baptist Fellowship_FP_29 may 016 (1)





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