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COVID-19 Response

COVID-19 is shaking and shutting down the world in unprecedented and global ways. Here at ServeNow, we remain committed to serving the most vulnerable around the world. We also believe in times of uncertainty, we must guard our hearts against fear, panic, anxiety, and self-preservation. Instead, now is the time to demonstrate compassion, generosity, and selflessness, especially towards those most in need. 

Therefore, we wanted to take a moment to share with you how some of our teams are responding around the world. We also want to share what specific needs there are that we could meet together with you in the days to come. Besides practicing “social distancing” here are some ways our teams are pro-actively serving or could serve with your help in the days to come:

  • Ukraine: One of our current tailoring classes has received their largest order from a hospital in need of masks! This is a beautiful example of those who are vulnerable able to help others who vulnerable. However, our leaders in Ukraine have communicated that there is a need to help elderly people, single mothers, handicap people and those unable to leave their homes; with items like food, medicine, and sanitary products. These items are in short supply and going to be harder in the days to come for people to access. Every $50 can help one family or person in need.
  • India: Our team in India is hard at work in hosting medical clinics, raising awareness, and providing hygiene kits to vulnerable slum communities and villages. Right now, we have an opportunity for a tailoring class here to also make masks that can be provided to the elderly and children in that slum area next to a garbage dump. This region is actually the epicenter of COVID-19 right now. $350 enables us to host a medical clinic and provide hygiene kits to a village/community.
  • Nepal: Here again, a current class of tailoring students (being rescued from a life of prostitution/vulnerability to human trafficking) took it upon themselves to make and donate 200 masks to the children we provide a tutoring program for in the worst slum of Nepal! The children are also helping raise awareness about preventative measures by putting up banners and handing out pamphlets around the slum area. There is a need, however, for us to provide hygiene kits to at least 250 children who are most vulnerable in a slum area. This is a slum area that we want to start another tutoring program down the road. Every $100 can demonstrate care right now to 10 children.
  • Sri Lanka: Our partner in Sri Lanka has communicated that as the COVID-19 spreads in Sri Lanka, hospitals need even simple things such as, but not limited to, surgical scrubs, shoes, uniforms, gloves etc). A gift of $100 enables us to provide hospitals with items like this.

These needs and opportunities are ever-changing situations, but our teams are very flexible in living up to our name of ServeNow! They are ready to respond in greater ways as able and as funding allows.

Would you consider praying and partnering with ServeNow in these efforts even as we are facing our own challenges? Your support during this time to those in even greater need is an opportunity to demonstrate trust in God and love for others in a time when fear could close our hearts to generosity. A special gift of $50, $150, $500, or more would be extra meaningful. We encourage you not to forget the most vulnerable during this time we are all going through together!

To donate, click here and write “COVID-19” in the memo. Or you can mail a check to 5225 North Academy Blvd, Suite 206, Colorado Springs, CO 80918.

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