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The Difference a Simple Blanket Makes

With temperatures reaching less than two degrees Celsius in the plains, and subzero in the hilly regions of South Asia, ServeNow’s gift of a warm blanket was the need of the hour for people in several remote villages recently. Elderly people and children are the most vulnerable to falling prey to the winter chill. In one week alone ServeNow was able to help 500 young and old receive warm winter coverings. People walk miles just to receive a blanket. One elderly lady said, “It’s already getting cold and I have been shivering all the way here. I shall keep myself warm with this blanket on my way back home which is a 40 minute walk from here.”

Responding to other repeated calls from flood affected villages in another location, ServeNow distributed warm winter coverings to over 250 elderly, children and the poor. These precious people lives had been severely affected by the floods and they have been having a difficult time rehabilitating even months later.

In one small village affected by flooding, ServeNow had conducted a medical camp and provided free medical care to over 200 patients. Now, a few months later, winter coverings were given out in this same village. As a result of ServeNow’s assistance, doors have opened for the first time for a local evangelist. The village prior to this help was opposed to his efforts to share the Good News of God’s love for them in Jesus Christ.

This evangelist shared the following, “I would like to thank ServeNow. First for the medical camps held two months ago and also for this initiative to provide blankets to the villagers, who are all very poor without even proper houses to live in after the flood. ServeNow’s medical clinic paved a way for me to take the gospel to this village, something I had been praying about for months but had not been able to make it happen as the villagers would have chased me if I had just gone there and started preaching. More than 20 children attend Sunday school here and I hope that through them I can find my way into their families. ServeNow’s initiative to provide blankets for this village where the people live in utter poverty and temperatures almost reach zero degrees is a huge blessing for my ministry here. It was wonderful that today along with the children, the elders of the village could also gather to collect their special gifts and also hear that God loves each one of them abundantly.”

Thank you for making it possible for ServeNow to not only bring life-saving care to people in need, but also to assist local evangelists, pastors, churches and believers in seeing hearts open to the message of salvation in Jesus Christ. Through these efforts many are being touched in a tangible and life transforming way by the love of God! To continue to enable ServeNow to meet needs around the world in a meaningful way, click here: Donate Today. To give the gift of a blanket to others in need, click here: Provide a Blanket.

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