Gypsy Church in Bulgaria

Most Gypsy (Roma) churches across Bulgaria are led by pastors with no significant training in preaching, counseling, and leading a church body. Many of the pastors are bi-vocational men working secular jobs and serving their congregation. A large number of these Gypsy churches are isolated from the Bulgarian community and operate in local Gypsy ghetto areas. By supporting these Gypsy pastors and churches with training, their ministry will improve and even lay the groundwork to help avoid human trafficking.

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ServeNow was launched to serve people in need by caring for orphans, widows, underprivileged children and youth as well as equipping the Church for greater fulfillment of its ministry and providing humanitarian assistance where needed.

ServeNow is ECFA (Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability) accredited, which serves in helping us stay financially accountable. In addition, and as part of this accountability, we are audited every year by an independent auditor. These audits can be found on our Accountability page.

80% of ServeNow's expenses goes directly to ministry programs.

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Our accountability to our donors is one of our highest priorities. Our goal is to use the funds entrusted to us as wise stewards. To do this requires continued monitoring and annual audits of our fund distribution. ServeNow is also a member in good standing with the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA), Candid (GuideStar), and Excellence in Giving (EIG).