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Providing Basic Foundational Christian Truths Around the World

What is the number one need for those served by ServeNow? According to field directors from Asia, Africa, Europe, and elsewhere the most dire need is access to Bibles and basic foundational resources to help equip believers to understand their faith and share it effectively with others.

The Basic Series are small 32-page booklets that each explain a basic biblical concept in easy-to-understand language. There are 30 booklets in The Basic Series. Available in 18
languages with plans for 30 languages.

The basic plan is to present every new believer with one new booklet every three months, creating a solid biblical truth foundation for their Christian faith.

Watch video above to hear from the founder of ServeNow, Lars Dunberg

Remarkable Statistics on The Basic Series Impact

ON AVERAGE every 3,000 copies of a Basic Series booklet will see the following results:


indigenous churches will use the series with an average attendance of 60


of readers will come to the Lord – that’s roughly 688 brand new believers


members of the church will volunteer in community humanitarian projects


Books in The Basic Challenge

Brokenness & Forigveness
by Lars B. Dunberg

Church History
by Lars B. Dunberg

The Church
by Ben Foley

by Andrey & Tanya Shpygunov

by Rev. Mike Wood

by Daniel Sundarsingh Moses

by Lars B. Dunberg

Justice, Mercy & Grace
by Philip Malakar

by Lars B. Dunber

Living a Godly Life
by Daniel Sundarsingh Moses

by Ben Foley

Pain and Suffering
by Lars B. Dunberg

by Songram Singh

Being a Risk Taker for God
by Lars B. Dunberg

Reading & Studying The Bible
by Lars B. Dunberg

Serving God
by Ben Foley

Sharing Your Faith With Others
by Lars B. Dunberg

Spiritual Warfare
by Moses Ssemanda Mbuga

World Religions
by Lars B. Dunberg

by Marcos Witt


It only costs $1 to create, translate, typeset, and print each Basic Series booklet. The average first print run per title is 3,000 copies. Take The Basic Challenge and provide foundational spiritual resources to believers are the world.

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