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Emergency Flood Relief for Asia

Today, an e-mail went out from ServeNow’s International President regarding the flood situation Asia (You can officially read more here: Floods in India, Bangladesh and Nepal). Two of these countries are areas ServeNow has networks in and the ability to quickly and effectively respond to needs. Below is the memo. We invite you to personally respond and to share with others.

Dear friends,

Amid witnessing the devastation of flooding in Texas, and praying for friends there, another massive flood reality is happening in India, Nepal and BangladeshAlready, more than a 1,200 people have died and millions are homeless.

I have been in much contact with one of our National Leaders in Asia over the situation. Unlike the US, the infrastructure and aid is not like anything we have access to here. We are receiving pleas for help in various locations where aid is not reaching or not enough.

Therefore, we wanted to let you know of this situation and that we are ready to respond with needed relief items such as food packets, medical clinics, water, temporary tent shelters, and then winter coverings. This winter is projected to be the coldest in many years. With millions losing their homes, this will become an even greater need very shortly and a tremendous blessing to those we can serve.

I will personally be in Asia this very October. If you would like to quickly help mobilize our staff on the ground to serve those in need where most needed, you can donate here: Every gift of $50, $100, $1,000 or even $10,000 will make a tremendous difference in the lives of many families over the next months and winter.

Please share this as you are led and lift up in prayer all those affected by flooding around the world. We want God’s love to also come in like a flood for as many people as possible!


Ben Foley, International President of ServeNow.

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