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Empowering Pastors Through Strategic Programs and Partnerships

Your ServeNow support significantly transforms pastors, new believers, and those not yet reached. The Basic Series program shares 32 essential topics: i.e. Jesus, God, The Holy Spirit, and The Great Commission. You’ve helped empower Apostle Amon Koffi Raymond, who leads the Church of Pentecost in Cote d’Ivoire, with The Basic Series books.

The Challenges of Training
Apostle Raymond faced significant challenges in training pastors and church workers. He shared, “We had started a Bible school, but it was not functional. We brought in trainers or teachers from elsewhere at very high costs, and they came just for a course. While the trainers or teachers were there, the pastors had to be moved to the same site for at least a week. This did not make the training of the pastors effective. The training was not continuous, and the documents or course materials were very expensive.”

This approach was financially draining and logistically cumbersome. Bringing in trainers resulted in prohibitive costs and disrupted the regular pastoral duties. The pastor training lowered pastors’ spiritual growth and impact on their local community.

A Turning Point Because of People Like You
ServeNow’s Basic Series books shifted pastors and church leaders like Apostle Raymond. He continues, “But since the presence of ServeNow, I can sleep peacefully. I have the opportunity to train pastors at a lower cost. For several years, I have noticed great maturity in the lives of pastors and members. Christians who left the churches became stable in the faith and have become diligent now. They live their faith with full responsibility.

ServeNow’s impactful discipleship program streamlined more affordable and accessible training.  ServeNow has trained pastors with essential biblical topics through The Basic Series books. The materials are distributed freely, enabling pastors to train their local communities.

This transformation is evident in the newfound stability and maturity of church members. The training has empowered pastors and members to live out their faith. Apostle Raymond’s testimony improves efficiency and impacts spiritual life.

A Model for Sustainable Pastoral Training
Apostle Raymond concludes, “I can now gather pastors together by zone to train them. What pleases me is that at the end of the training, I give them TBT books for free so they can continue the training in their respective churches. I am a happy leader today. Thanks to ServeNow.”

ServeNow’s program alleviated the logistical and financial challenges. It also fostered a stronger, more stable faith community. The partnership between ServeNow and churches like Church of Pentecost is powerfully transformative. Together, we can foster religious education and spiritual growth.

Apostle Raymond’s testimony highlights the vital role of partnerships like ServeNow. We strengthen church leadership and enhance the spiritual vitality of congregations. ServeNow’s pastor training cultivates Biblically rooted leaders to serve their communities faithfully. This story shows how your transformative impact on faith communities worldwide. Thank you for making this possible through your generous contributions and monthly support!