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Empowering Women Around the World

Your support towards ServeNow plays a key role in female empowerment globally. Young girls and women are among the most vulnerable populations in the world, suffering the most from illness, poverty, and disparity. Females worldwide face numerous challenges rooted in sociocultural factors:

  • Women are 35% more likely than men to live in poverty.
  • Globally, women and girls make up 71% of the 40.3 victims of human trafficking (28,613,000).
  • According to UNESCO estimates, around the world, 129 million girls are out of school, including 32 million of primary school age, and 97 million of secondary school age. 
  • UNICEF reports that in conflict-strained countries, girls are 2.5 times more likely to be out of school than boys.

ServeNow empowers women with educational opportunities like Skill Training or Micro-Enterprise grants to build a brighter future globally. Women can further develop skills by enrolling in Baking, Sewing, Tailoring, or Computer IT training. Our Skill-Training program serves vulnerable women in five countries; Egypt, India, Iraq, Nepal, and Ukraine. ServeNow also provides grants to help women grow and succeed in Micro-Enterprises across Benin, Burundi, Ethiopia, India, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, and Togo.

In a rural southern Asian village, ServeNow provides skill training to empower and benefit women in need. It’s very common for traffickers to lure young and vulnerable women away with the promise of a job and a better future. ServeNow combats human trafficking with a six-month-long tailoring class in remote villages and the slum area of Kathmandu.

Here’s an example of how your support for skill-training benefits women like Maya. She testified, “I’ve been married for nine years, and I have an eight-year-old son. He studies in second grade. My husband went abroad six years ago to work. But we don’t have good communication or relationship. I don’t know if our relationship will get any better. So, I’ve been staying with my parents. Later, I got the opportunity to join the free skill development training from ServeNow Nepal. All of us were given a sewing machine and a certificate upon graduating. After that, I started practicing my skills at home. Now, I manage my household expenses with the income I make. I have realized that skill is indeed a valuable thing to have in life. 

It is extremely difficult to survive these days without education or skills. I want to thank everyone at ServeNow for teaching us this skill and helping us become self-reliant. It has been a huge opportunity for women like us who had no other avenue to build something for ourselves. Thank you very much.

Across Africa, ServeNow comes alongside widows, underprivileged young adults, and underpaid pastors to start businesses through Micro-Enterprise. Individuals enroll in business opportunities. As profits generate, portions pool collectively to provide further grants helping more in need and multiplying the last impact. Syvia said, “My husband passed away, leaving behind my four kids and me. Since that day, I felt broken. But through this gift, I see hope for my family. I was longing to buy a goat but could not afford it. I could not believe it when my pastor told me that ServeNow allocated a grant. My life was full of joy! My children and I are busy now caring for these goats. We hope to multiply to earn some money to live.”

Supporting women to access quality and decent work improves their livelihoods. It impacts women’s rights, reduces poverty, and attends to better development. Women empowerment is a key part of achieving this. Our mission heavily depends on people like you to empower women like Maya and Syvia. These are just two of the thousands of women who are served and impacted by ServeNow! Thank you for being part of what God is doing to meet women in their survival mode and brokenness. Your support to Skill-Training and Micro-Enterprise matters. 

Empower Women With Skill-Training