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Grace Lighthouse Center

In today’s world, more than 2,000,000 children are in forced prostitution and 95% of them are girls. In India alone there are 500,000 young girls in the vicious grip of the sex slavery. One out of every six girls don’t live to see their fifthteenth birthday. Also, in Indian society, girls do not have the same rights and opportunities as boys; girls are perceived as a burden and a liability. The overwhelming need to rescue them before they go into the hands of the sex traffickers is challenging because there are so many children at risk. Yet, we have to start somewhere, and Grace Lighthouse was founded for this specific purpose. It offers a safe haven for children who are destitute, who have been deprived of parental care and education.

The story behind Grace Lighthouse is beautiful. A local pastor began to have more and more of a burden to do something to help especially orphaned girls at risk. He himself was an orphan growing up and didn’t have an opportunity to have a good education. However, neither he or his church was able to do much financially. However, he decided to take a step of faith and challenge the church to help even though it may not seem like much. They took in a few girls and now he and his wife have taken in 15 abandoned children! The place they rent (the church meets on the roof!) only has two bedrooms (plus a kitchen, bathroom and open space). The girls share one room and his mother-in law (who helps take care of the kids) stays in the other room. The pastor and his wife sleep in the hallway, so others can have the bedrooms and also to be the first means of protection should anyone ever try to break in and do any harm. Such, is the sacrifice and humility of this pastor and his wife.

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Because of them, and partners like you, these girls not only receive a home with a loving family, but also good educational opportunities. In fact, when I was just there visiting them again in January, they showed us their report cards and none of them had a grade lower than a “B!” Their teachers also commented again and again to the pastor and his wife about how well-mannered, respectful and delightful the kids are at school.


These are some of the sweetest kids I have met. The pastor taking care of them is one of the most humble and sacrificial that I know. If you would like to sponsor one of the kids, we have “profiles” of each child that you can take a look at, read about in more personal detail and select from! Sponsoring a child gives them a sense of value and helps this pastor and his family with school/food expenses. It could also enable them to bring in more orphaned children! Contact us today to select a child! Or see here for more information about “Lighthouse Centers.” To make a donation click here: Give the Gift of Hope to Children.


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