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Help Bring Joy to People in Need in Ukraine via Christmas Gifts!

ServeNow has a unique opportunity again this holiday season to reach 7,000 orphans, refugee families, elderly and lonely people, disabled children and adults, Roma/Gypsy people and others in need, through Christmas gifts! A small team from the US will be traveling to Ukraine to give out hundreds of those gifts.

But we need your help to raise $10,000 for these 7,000 gifts. That works out to just $1.50 per Christmas gift box! These boxes are filled with needed hygienic items, clothes and toys for kids. They are already organized age and gender appropriately by our partner organization who prepares the gifts. Read more here.

Below are also just a few stories from last year:

Mother and three children: Tanya, Natasha, Cyril. This mother is all alone without a husband. He behaved very rudely toward his own children. There were times when he ate in their presence, but the children got nothing. Now he has left the family and works in the occupied territory. The family lives in misery. They need just the most basic things, such as food and clothes. So there can be no question of any holiday gifts or celebrations. Therefore, these Christmas gifts for the children were a great joy! The children were very happy to get sweets and toys.


Andrew and Natalia are an elderly husband and wife, living within the war-zone. When Andrew heard that people would be coming to visit them, he began to go to the street and look out for guests from the early morning. His wife recently underwent a serious surgery; she doesn’t leave the house because of sickness. For this small family every visit and every gift is a great joy and a reminder of a peace. Warm clothes were especially most appreciated because they do not have heating in their home and temperatures drop below freezing in the winter.
Dasha, 12 years old. Dasha has cerebral palsy and developmental retardation. She can’t walk and all of the time spends sitting on the bed. She does not go outside the home and rarely communicates with people. Dasha has only a mother and they live very poorly. Dasha was very happy for the book that she found in the present, because she loves to read!
Michael, 8 years old, and Dima, 7 years. Their father died in the war zone in 2014 because of a mortar attack in Eastern Ukraine. The mother and two children live in the village and now cope together by themselves. The younger son was very happy for the toy car in the present, and the elder brother liked the markers!
***There are literally thousands of other stories just like these from last year! And yet again this year, there can be thousands more! Will you help bring joy to children and people like the ones in the stories above this Christmas season? To donate towards this project, click here: Christmas Gifts for Ukraine.

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