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I CAN project in Ukraine – testimonies

ukraine_krivoy-rogIn the city of Krivoy Rog, in central Ukraine, we have started the I CAN project. Our goal is to teach courses to women who have no access to education and work. They will learn the basics of computer skills and get the tools for self-development, self-realization and opportunity to get a job. These women are mainly refugees from eastern Ukraine where fighting is still on-going, and women who are raising children with special needs. In Ukraine, women with handicapped children always stay at home with their children (there are no classes for these children). It is difficult for a woman with a disabled child to get a job. Therefore, it is necessary for them to learn how to create their own business, using modern technology and the internet.

Here are some of their stories:

Natasha, 34 years old, Krivoy Rog.

Natasha has three children; one child with special needs. She constantly looks after him, and as a result, has hardly ever left home these past 10 years. She says: During 10 years I’ve been at home, tied to my child. I have no friends, there is no communication. I have already been degraded as a person. I really want to learn how to earn money on the internet and how to be financially helpful to my family. Since I am not used to communicating with people, I started this course to learn to communicate.

Ukraine - Natasha 34 years old

Julia, 23 years old, Krivoy Rog.

Julia does not work and does not have funds to study. Now she is an active volunteer, helping soldiers in eastern Ukraine. She said: I want to learn how to work on the internet. I have a dream to open up a store. I want to earn money on my own, but I also want to continue my social work (for example, collecting funds for treatments for children who are in need). I have a lot planned. Thank you that I can get the necessary knowledge here.

Ukraine - Julia 23 years old

Julia, 34 years old, Krivoy Rog.

She says: I have a sick child who is 6 years old. For seven years, I have not worked. Taking care of my child prevents me from leaving the house. I do not know how to use a computer at all. I often feel down. Because of this course, I can go out and do something good, by myself, and for myself. Thank you for the opportunity to change my life!

Ukraine - Julia, 34 years old

Julia, 37 years old, Krivoy Rog.

She says: I have a child with special needs. He is not accepted in kindergarten or any school. So I’m staying home with him. I always have to be home. I do not know how to operate a computer at all, although it is now difficult to imagine. I really want to make money and be helpful to my family. I want to open a business. I want to grow as an individual, I want to improve my literacy. So I’m glad for this opportunity. Thank you for the chance!

Ukraine - Julia 37 years old

Tatiana, 42, Krivoy Rog.

She says: I cannot work; I have a child with special needs. I want to change my life. I want to advance myself and develop skills. Due to the fact that there is no communication, I feel very inadequate. I really want to help my family and learn how to make money. I am very happy for this opportunity..

Ukraine - Tatiana, 42

Please keep these women in prayer. In fact, if you would like to join our prayer team and receive bi-weekly prayer updates you can sign up here: Join ServeNow Prayer Team.

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