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I Was Filled With Joy!

The following stories of transformed lives are from this past week. We hope you are encouraged and inspired by this glimpse into what God is doing through the Basic Things You Need to Know series!

Seventy-five year old Mzee, testified that his life had been totally transformed through reading the booklet: “My weaknesses have disappeared. I have been in Church, yet I still had the habit of drinking alcohol. After I read this booklet, I was convicted that what I was doing was evil and ungodly. Now, I have gone months without drinking and have been transformed, not by my might, but by the working of the Holy Spirit in me. I used to be too busy to attend church services but now I am an active member and my life is completely changed. To God be the glory!”

A young man in Uganda shared the following: “I had thought that, the Holy Spirit is a ghost and I would call those who talked about the Holy Spirit ‘crazy’. But now, through the booklet, I have learned that the Holy Spirit is God and one of the three persons of the Trinity. All the Basic Series are a great inspiration and have sharpened our understanding of Christianity.”

“One day I was stressed by many things in my life and  tears kept flowing. During a sleepless nights at around 3:00am, I started reading the Basic Series booklet about the Holy Spirit. As I was reading, I came across the author’s notes about the Holy Spirit being a comforter and at that moment I felt someone comforting me and I was filled with joy. My pain and troubles disappeared and I started laughing and fell asleep joyfully and peacefully. I am so grateful for this booklet and for the work the Holy Spirit has done and is still doing in my life.” -A woman in Uganda

We received an exciting report about the outreach program that was conducted in Asia. In a closed door gospel meeting believers were encouraged to invited their secular and religious friends to come and hear about Jesus. Around one-third of the people who attended the gospel meeting were not Christians but 21 accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior! Everyone present in the meeting received a copy of the Basic Series books.

One of the stories that emerged from this event was a teenage boy who was opposed to the whole idea of the Gospel. After reading the Basic Series book his attitude changed and he accepted the Lord!

Some of the pastors also testified that going through books of the Basic Series has shaped and deepened their understanding on the person of Jesus Christ, Scripture, Prayer, Witnessing, The Trinity and now the Holy Spirit. By applying the content into their services many more people have been coming to hear the Word on Sunday, and not just the personal eloquence of the pastor. Almost every pastor has been blessed by this series and they all hope to continue partnering with and praying for ServeNow. They are also praying for church multiplication through the discipleship and teaching that the Basic Series is able to provide.

***Would you like to join us in seeing people come to faith in Jesus and experience their lives being transformed through the Basic Series? Click here to learn more: The Basic Challenge.

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