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Impact Stories in One Week

Every week, ServeNow receives some incredible stories of what God is doing around the world. In fact, staff often talk about how there are more stories than can be shared! Below are just a few stories from this past week. Due to the sensitivity of some locations, information is minimal.

Uganda church testimony: “By the time I received the ServeNow Basic Series Discipleship booklets, I had just been sent to pastor this new ministry. The church only had three members. I was questioning myself as to why God had sent me to such a ministry? Few as we were, we embarked on studying the books. I was encouraged by the messages and through them, our confidence was uplifted. So we started sharing with people about Jesus, as well as praying to God for a big harvest…and he turned our church around! We now have over 50 new believers and our structure could not contain them, thus church expansion. Thank you so much ServeNow for sending such resourceful literature!”

Nepal Tailoring Graduate Update and Testimony: “I have been generating income as my neighbors come to me to sew their clothes! I am happy to see this day as I am earning by myself by utilizing the skills and sewing machine which was provided by ServeNow. I have also joined the college by generating income. Now I am continue my tailoring work as well as studying. I am happy as I am able to manage my time for my even better future. If there was no ServeNow Nepal, my life wouldn’t be as where I am today. Thank you ServeNow for being my hope and blessing.” -Menu

Asia Winter Covering Outreach: two villages this week had doors open for the Good News to be shared for the first time:

First remote village: One church in the area has been partnering with ServeNow for the past 3 years. We have seen good growth in the churches that have been planted in this ministry. The pastor has a tremendous zeal for the Lord and winning people for Him. A winter clothing distribution program for the needy may just open the door for him and his pastors in areas they have been looking to take the Gospel to for a long time! Our team visited the remote village and took part in the very first gospel meeting for that village. We could share the good news with the whole village and provided blankets for the old and needy as well as the scriptures and children’s material.”

Second remote village: “Reaching the venue for the winter covering distribution involved an uphill climb on a very dangerous trail! However, the smiles that greeted us took all our tiredness away, almost the whole village was awaiting our arrival. These are mostly people from that follow the Buddhist religion and the men make a living as underpaid guides for trekkers and mountaineers. The pastor with us recently started working among this community and wanted ServeNow to share the Love of Christ and eventually open the door for the Gospel, which we could do and also share the Gospel tracks. People asked for prayers for their sick families and the team spent a considerable time praying with them. People here are deprived of basic facilities like medical care, roads and electricity. Blankets provided by Servenow have helped them a lot during this cold winter season and the villagers were grateful for the special gift.

Basic Series testimony in Asia: “In my congregation one of people asked me without any work how can a man get salvation? At that time I told him what Jesus did for him on the cross. I then explained, just believe in Him and you will be saved! Then I gave this beautiful ServeNow Basic Things You Need to Know About Salvation to him and he read it and confirmed that there is one way to get salvation. Now he and family come to church regularly. I thank ServeNow. All glory to God.”


***This week ServeNow also provided warm winter blankets to residents of a colony especially for the physically handicapped who make a living out of begging. We shared with the people the love of Jesus and the fact that God loves every single one of us no matter our riches, or education, or social status or disabilities. They were also given an opportunity to take home a copy of the New Testament or a Gate To Life. Most of them were happy to receive these materials and we saw them reading just as soon as they receive it.

***We are also excited to share that 25,000 New Testaments and 12,000 of the next four books of the Basic Series Discipleship booklets have arrived in Uganda! ServeNow’s International President will be traveling to Uganda to teach at a conference for 600 pastors who will take these resources back with them. These pastors are coming from very rural and remote villages where believers in their church do not have a Bible in their own language. Bicycles will also be given to several pastors as they walk hundreds of miles with no other means of transportation.

One of eight school locations for hundreds of orphan and impoverished children will be visited as well where the dedication of the fifth ServeNow school building will take place. A generous donor has also put up a $35,000 matching grant for this month of December towards another school building that needs rebuilt. That means every gift towards that will be doubled this month! If you would like to donate towards this, you can click here: Uganda School Building Match.

***We are celebrating the fact that 6,500 Christmas gift boxes have made it through customs in Ukraine! A team from the US will be traveling to take part in distributing these to orphans, refugee families, disabled children and elderly/lonely adults. Thank you so much for all your prayers and partnership to enable us to serve thousands of people now!

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