Lighthouse Centers

In the slums of Kolkata, New Delhi and Hyderabad, ServeNow operates several lighthouse centers, which serve as homes. The center in New Delhi reaches out to thousands of underprivileged children each year through various programs. Tailoring and cosmetology courses are being offered to young adults. At the lighthouse center in Kolkata, primary education is provided for children whose parents work long hours doing menial jobs. This center also offers the children daily warm meals, which is sometimes their only real meal. Life skill training programs are provided as well, such as tailoring, cosmetology, adult literacy, computer classes and cell-phone repair training.

In Hyderabad, we have a home for children with HIV. Thousands of children roam the streets. They are often abused, even kept in cages, and they often die at a very early age as a result of starvation and lack of care. 10 Children are currently being taken care of at this home! Also, through our sponsorship program, 13 orphans have found a safe home and an education at the Grace Lighthouse Center.

“I am Soyef, and I am a student in first grade. My mother works as a cook in other people’s houses. I don’t know where my father works. I enjoy coming to the school. Besides regular subjects, we learn songs and stories about Jesus and the Bible. My hobby is making clay models. I love playing cricket during PE. Also, whenever I don’t feel well, the teachers pray for me. I love this place.”

Soyef, Kolkata Lighthouse

“My favorite thing about this home is the food…and no one beats me here.”

8-year-old girl, HIV Home

“My four children and I have just come to know Jesus because of this lighthouse center. My husband left me, so my children are without a father. Kirti, one of my children, asked one of the staff members: “Why do I have no father? Can God give us our father back?” The staff person explained to my children that though their earthly father may have left them, they have a Heavenly Father who would never leave them! I am grateful for this center and for the staff.”


Mother of four children, Dehli Lighthouse

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