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More than Literature and Meeting Physical Needs

A couple of weeks ago, I visited with hundreds of pastors on a recent international ministry trip. During my time with them, as well as other people we are serving, I was struck more deeply than ever, by the reality that ServeNow is providing something far greater than just literature, material or the meeting of physical needs. For the pastors and churches we serve, that Christian literature is food to their soul. For the people being served by the meeting of physical needs or through programs (such as warm winter coverings, food, clean water, mosquito nets, medicine, skill-training etc) it is seen as tangible expressions of God’s goodness and love. These “good deeds” and programs bring hope, one of the greatest human needs of all. They touch the heart in a permanent and life-transforming way, not just the body in a temporary, physical way. They open doors for the Good News to be shared and received. They result in church growth, spiritual growth and strengthening of pastors and their ministries.
The following bullet-point list are testimonies I heard from a group of about forty pastors at just ONE pastors meeting. We were releasing the next book in the Basic Series discipleship booklets, The Basic Things You Need to Know About the Church as well as giving out copies of the evangelistic comic book for teens, called The King from MediaServe. Not even all the pastors had a chance to share, but those who did share, I tried to jot down as many of their testimonies as I could. Looking at this list of testimonies from just this small group of pastors…the impact is astonishing!
  • The Basic Things You Need to Know About Salvation has brought clarity to the youth of my church.
  • Many in my fellowship have been overwhelmed by thinking of reading the Bible and stated it being hard to read, but these books have made it much more manageable for people!
  • We can’t do everything, but with the help of ServeNow we can reach many more people than we could ever dream!
  • These resources are such useful tools to reach out to others.
  • These tools have sparked spiritual growth in our church.
  • An unreached village came to know about Jesus because of ServeNow!
  • Through a ServeNow medical camp people learned about the love of Jesus in a sensitive area.
  • Six young people came to know the Lord through the Basic Series books!
  • Thirteen families in my village came to know services are going on because of ServeNow.
  • These booklets are encouraging church growth.
  • ServeNow is instrumental in facilitating these kinds of meetings for us pastors to get to know each and be inspired by each others’ testimonies. If it weren’t for ServeNow we wouldn’t know each other and have this kind of fellowship together.
  • ServeNow is giving credibility to our church in our community through it’s programs and partnership with us.
  • These booklets make the Bible easy to understand and manageable to everyone at any level.
  • There are many churches praying for ServeNow to be able to reach more people and print more booklets!
  • ServeNow’s Water for Life program paved the way in unreached village for the Good News to be shared…and a new ministry came about as a result!
  • We are praying for those who support the ministry of ServeNow!
  • These resources are very important for new believers.
  • We are using these booklets in our Bible Study.
  • Eight believers were encouraged to be baptized because of the Basic Series book on Salvation.
  • The ServeNow Water for Life program in our village resulted in thirty people coming to Jesus!
  • We were able to minister to one hundred children through a VBS program with ServeNow’s help this summer.
  • I am a pastor…but I am learning so much from these Basic Series books. I read them very carefully and closely.
  • The Basic Series book on Salvation resulted in twenty-five people being baptized in my church!
  • ServeNow is assisting us in transforming entire communities.
  • When is the next Basic Series books coming??? We are eagerly waiting for the next ones in the series!
  • People are asking for the next books in the Basic Series, they are helping and strengthening so many, including we as pastors.
  • A member in my church was in the ICU and he was given the Basic Series book on God. As a result of reading it…he was healed. Another member read it and got a job. It is helping people see the reality of the Living God in their own lives.
  • One of the women leaders: I run a tailoring shop and I give these books out to women who don’t know Jesus and many have been saved and now have jobs!
  • Many have received God’s love because of ServeNow.
  • Many unbelievers are coming to the church now because of these books.
  • Many hadn’t read the Bible before, but through these books they are gaining understanding and reading the Bible now!
  • I know the impact these booklets are having in my church…but I desire for many more churches to receive these because for their church because they too will have similar testimonies!
  • These books have made me excited to share about Jesus!
***Would you prayerfully consider a generous and meaningful investment in the lives of these and other pastors, churches and people? It’s not hard to see that the smallest of gifts can even make the biggest of a difference! For example, a Basic Series book costs just $1 to get into the hands of one person. For these pastors, churches and people, they have nothing. They cannot afford or do not have access to Scripture, literature, training or humanitarian care we provide. To make a donation of any amount check out our donation page: Donate Today to Transform Lives!


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