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Medical Camps – India

Medical Camp Update:

This past week, ServeNow held 3 medical clinics in North Bengal, where we treated around 300 patients. Two of these clinics were held in 2 of the most remote villages in the district, where roads have been blocked due landslides and in some places even washed away by torrential rains. For the residents of this small village on the Indo-Bhutan border, the medical camp was a great help. Due to its geographical location, the village is isolated from the rest of the district and there hasn’t been a lot of development. The people of this village have to walk 10 miles to reach a primary health center, which doesn’t actually operate most of the time. The nearest hospital is 30 miles away, which is a 3 hour journey through landslides and rough terrain. We could see happy smiles on the faces of the patients when they were given free medicines.

India - Medical Clinic

Sanjib walked 3 miles to reach this village with his infant son when he heard about ServeNow’s free medical camp. He shares: My child has been suffering from the flu for some days now, but I have not been able to visit the doctor, because I would have to travel about 50 miles to see a good doctor. This medical camp that ServeNow is hosting is exactly what I needed! I am very glad for the free treatment and medicines for my child. Thank you!


Rahelmit, a woman in her late sixties, also came to the medical camp. She said: I have been suffering from severe body aches for quite some time now, and with my ailing body I cannot travel a long way to see the doctor. This medical camp with free medicines is a such great blessing for me. I am very thankful to ServeNow.



ServeNow conducted another medical camp in one of the remote villages in another region. The medical camp was set up at the location where the road ends; this enabled patients from the surrounding villages to come as well. Some had to walk for over an hour to reach the medical camp.

Amos, a pastor from this village said: This medical camp is a great mission. Our village has no primary health center, and the villagers have to walk for two hours just to get some medicine for a common cold. This camp is a great help to the villagers and the surrounding villages. At the camp, we especially attended many elderly people who are not able to travel 40 miles to the nearest hospital.



The third camp was held in a tribal village in the Dooars region of West Bengal. The Rabhas are one of the most primitive tribes in the Bengal-Bhutan-Assam border; the concept of wearing clothes was even foreign to them until a few years ago. They are also one of the most fearless tribes who will even fight with wild animals, especially elephants, because they are a hazard in the region. The medical camp was held in coordination with a ServeNow ambassador who has a vision for bringing the Gospel to these people. The church here has been growing slowly but steadily. This medical camp was a great help for the local church to move a step further towards evangelizing the whole tribe.

India - Medical Camp

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