There is no better time than the present to go on a ServeNow mission trip! There are various options, such as delivering Christmas gifts to orphans in Ukraine, participating in summer Bible camps for disadvantaged children in India and Ukraine, sharing your faith with sponsored children in Uganda, handing out winter clothing and blankets in northern India and Nepal and many more! Check out our 2017 ServeNow passport brochure and sign-up today: TeamBrochure2017
“It is so rewarding to see how God works in other parts of the world. Also, observing how people’s lives can be changed with very little money.” Vickie Shaffer

“Mission trips are often life-changing; not only for those you are serving, but often for your own life as well! One of the best dynamics of a missions trip is being a part of seeing God move in big ways in a short time, through simple things and practical service. You will be amazed by what happens in a week or two!”
Team Member

“My trip to India gave me a heart for helping the dedicated pastors, for reaching many more people, and a longing to help orphans, young women at risk, and the elderly.” Sherri Ross

Mission Trip Forms

There are 4 forms needed to fill out and send back to us to be reviewed. They are all as follows:

  1.  Team Application Form -or- Team Application Form Returning Team Member
  2.  Team Applicant Reference Form
  3.  Liability Waiver and Release Form
  4.  Medical Information and Emergency Contacts
  5.  Ukraine Camp Medical Exam Form

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About Mission Trips

Ukraine Mission Trip Experience

Check out this article that a team member who went on a trip with ServeNow to Ukraine recently wrote up about her experience: Humbled by a Mighty God. Also, why not go and experience a trip for yourself? As Gandalf once said to a uncertain Hobbit in the classic novel (and perhaps Jesus is saying to you!): “I am looking for someone to share in an adventure that I am arranging, and it’s very difficult to find anyone…you’ll have a tale or two to tell when you come back..the world is not in your books and maps, it’s out there…” ServeNow Mission Trips.

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A 2017 Team Member Report from Ukraine

Imagine having 30 minutes to gather whatever earthly possessions you can fit in a small box and then you and your children having to squeeze into a van, meant to carry 15 people, with 40 other people. As you speed out of the war zone you wonder what will I do? Will I ever be able to return to my home and if so will that home still be there?

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Why ServeNow?

When Ben Foley asked me to write about what drew me to ServeNow, I blanked at first. Truly, what drew me to ServeNow? Was it the people that I could help? Or was it the diversity of the people their help benefited? In all honesty, it is the fact that working with ServeNow helps me to take the focus off of myself and put it on someone else; someone who may not have a voice strong enough to help themselves.

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