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Reaching and Serving a Mountain Tribe

­­The past week, we were in Sri-Nagar, in the state of Kashmir, which was hit hard during last year’s flash flooding. This area is also known for its political unrest, intolerance towards Christianity, and terrorists are a serious threat to this society. Sri-Nagar has a population of 1.2 million people, yet there are only about 300 Christians and 8 to 10 churches. We met with some of the church leaders and pastors who have a vision for spreading the Gospel in this Himalayan state. However, the work has to be done underground; it isn’t even safe to talk about it in the open.

India - med camp (2)

During this last flood, the church had a chance to serve the people and share the love of Christ. We were asked to help conduct a  medical clinic in some villages in the Faqir Gujar community (a mountain tribe), situated about 8,000 ft. above sea level.

More than 1,100 people live in this mountainous region, and they have no access to medical facilities, roads, schools or shops. It was a joy to serve the people in Faqir Gujri. Even though they live in what is considered “Paradise on Earth” for its natural beauty, life is hard here. The last couple of kilometers traveling up to the villages were tough; no roads, and we were out of breath due to the high altitude. However, the smiles we were greeted with were all worth it. Nearly 200 men, women, and children were given medical treatment by our team of doctors. This is also the first camp we did under armed police protection.

One of the leaders at the camp said; The people living here have no access to even basic health care facilities. They have never been to a medical camp before. Their lives are difficult and the little they earn from agriculture in this rough terrain is barely enough to provide for their necessities. Many suffer from vitamin and calcium deficiencies and joint pains. I  am grateful to ServeNow for helping us conduct a medical camp in this village. This is a huge blessing for the people here.

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Thank you to all our partners who make these medical clinic’s possible! Thank you also to all our prayer partners who are interceding so that many who have never heard of God’s love may hear and through meeting practical needs such as this, experience a form of that love tangibly, specifically and personally!

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