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New Project for Roma Children in Ukraine!

In Ukraine, Roma people (Read more here) are discriminated against and live in very poor, even slum like conditions. Many of the children are also not sent to school to study. Because of the lack of education, children later have trouble finding a job, and this leads to poverty in their community. It is a vicious cycle from generation to generation.

But ServeNow is seeking to change this by working with Roma children!

Our team will be meeting with these precious children a couple times a month, teaching them the basics of literacy. Volunteers from the local church also share about God with them. We believe that by working with Roma children, we will be able to influence this generation, which will bring long-term results and provide hope for a different kind of future!

Would you join us in praying for this new project, the children and volunteers?

***We are seeking new monthly giving partners who would like to invest in the lives of these children and others around the world. Your monthly gifts of $25, $50, $100 or more, provides the stability and consistency needed for ServeNow to serve children most in need.

To become a monthly partner of any amount click here.

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