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New Tailoring Class in Nepal!

ServeNow is especially engaged in some areas of the world that are “hubs” for human trafficking. From Ukraine, to India to Nepal many young girls in particular are either sold by their parents, deceived by traffickers promising them a good paying job or feeling prostitution is their only choice. ServeNow’s approach to this problem is doing all we can to prevent it from happening in the first place. This is often two-fold: awareness and skill training.

In Ukraine ServeNow has a strong awareness program called “Step by Step” as well as a bakery for girls at risk/refugee’s that began in November of 2015. In India, we have several tailoring and cosmetology classes in session and many others that have already completed their training and are producing their own income! And now at the end of November, ServeNow began a new tailoring program for twenty nine high risk girls in Nepal! This is our second tailoring class in Nepal. The first group of twenty six girls graduated in April one week before the devastating earthquake struck. Because of their training and sewing machine they each received at their graduation, it literally became a means not only of protection from traffickers but survival.

Nepalgraduates3 NepaltailoringKristina NepalTailoring

The participants of this new tailoring class are from under-developed communities and are very excited to be involved in the program. Some of them shared that such an opportunity seemed impossible to ever experience and they feel blessed beyond measure. We have a professional trainer in Nepal who is happy to share her skills. This class was covered by the local newspapers as well. God has also granted us favor in the eyes of government officials who see the real help this is to these girls. The girls are showing great enthusiasm to develop their skills, knowing how vital it is for their future and rare opportunity they are being given. While they were being selected for the training, most of the participants shared with us that they had waited a long time for such a training. They look forward to a better future, protected from the false promises of human traffickers.

Novtailoring 2015.12.2 Nepal.IMG_2892 2015.12.2 Nepal.IMG_2888

Pictured below is one girl whose name is Bishnu. She is from a very marginalized family and it was very difficult for her even to survive due to her very poor family background. Even in the community it’s not easy as people treat her as an untouchable/low cast. She wanted to receive the  training but her family was unable to afford the training and she didn’t have any way to be trained in any skill. When she was selected for the training, she was very happy and shared her joy in this way, “I wanted to take life skill training for my better future but due to many factors I was unable and now my dream has come true. Thank you ServeNow for this opportunity. I am hoping to learn many new things during my time of training.”


Babita is also from a similar background and this is what she said, “I am from a poor family. I had a great desire to get the sewing and cutting training but sometime it’s even hard to survive and to get training is almost impossible. Now I feel very privileged to get this training through ServeNow and thank you for opening this platform for me for my new beginning.”


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