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One Child at a Time

One Child at a Time

I love children, and I will forever be thankful for our own two adopted children. Yet, there are so many more children in the world who are extremely poor, suffering from disease, hunger, abuse etc. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all the needs in the world and by one’s own inability to help everyone. Through our sponsorship program, ServeNow offers a very effective way to help children in need, one child at a time. Our sponsorship program guarantees education, daily meals, basic medical care, school uniforms and textbooks. It gives children hope for a better, brighter future. It creates a relationship between you and the child, and even more than that, it allows you to witness young lives being changed over time. Also, it’s a powerful knowledge for a child to know that someone is on their side. It allows them to dream big, to break the cycle of poverty. Furthermore, it will not only affect them, but also their families and their communities.

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We offer child sponsorships in India and Uganda. You have the privilege to choose a specific child, thereby making a commitment to help that child on an ongoing basis. It gives you the opportunity to build a relationship with your sponsored child through letters and photos. Many of the sponsored children are thrilled to learn that people from far away countries and cultures have chosen to help them grow academically, physically and spiritually. In fact, it’s even more proof that God cares about them.


If you don’t already sponsor a child, please start today. You can contact us at ServeNow by calling 719-900-1800, or you can e-mail us at You can also check out our website:

For $37 a month, you can transform the life of a child in need!

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