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Possibility of a Fourth Summer Camp in Ukraine

This summer, beginning in June, ServeNow will be hosting three life-changing summer camps in Ukraine. These camps are for orphan, refugee, war-torn, disabled, abused, disadvantaged children. For many it will be their first time not only being on a train, out of their village or orphanage, seeing the mountains, being a part of a summer camp experience…but most of all hearing about Jesus and his personal love for each of them. This message of the Good News and hope in Christ, while being demonstrated in action by teams from the US and volunteers from Ukraine, will change lives forever. Last year, some of the most heart-breaking but also heart-touching stories came forth out of the summer camps. You can read about some of them here and here and here and here.

We are so grateful to our faithful partners who have already made possible the funding of three camps. Now there is another wonderful possibility of a fourth camp towards the end of July for another 50 children if we can secure funding very quickly. This would be a six day camp for children 8-12 years old. They would be children from the war zone, refugee children and kids from poor and needy families surrounding the main local church that has this vision and camp dream.

The total cost (lodging, transportation, food, program expenses) would be roughly $14,000 or $280 per child for the six days. During this time they would enjoy team building games, crafts, sport/music activities, Bible lessons, dramas, discussions, personal one-on-one talks, English lessons, an excursion to a Castle etc.

When the children return home from the camp, the parents/families will be invited to church to see their child in a performance that they will also be working on at the camp. It’s an opportunity to follow up not only with each child but also their families and introduce them to the love of Jesus Christ as many are not coming from Christian backgrounds. There is also other follow up plans, such as inviting kids to Sunday School, to other Christian club activities, visits to the families and inviting moms to women meetings etc. The result is that not only will children come to faith in Jesus but entire families!

If you would like to help make this dream a reality you can donate here: Sponsor a Child/Fourth Camp. Would you also share this need with your Church or friends? Imagine the lives that could be changed this year because of this eternal investment!

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