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Reaching the Unreached


This past week the ServeNow team ministered to nearly 300 people through Medical Camps and Winter Coverings in remote tribal villages in India. We partnered with local pastors who minister to unreached people groups. Today I would like to share the story of one such pastor, named *Ranjun. He and his family came to the Lord at an early age. Ranjun started a church some years ago with a few members which has now grown to be a strong congregation of more than fifty people. His is one of the many churches that ServeNow has partnered with for the Scripture Program.


Pastor Ranjun asked ServeNow to visit a tribal village here to conduct a medical camp and provide warm clothing to the tribal people who still live without basic amenities. He has a vision to reach them with the Gospel. These people live without electricity or sanitation, far from modern society. Dozens of villages like these nest deep in the forests of the hills. To reach them, we drove until the road ended, then followed a narrow trail, negotiable only on a two-wheeler. There they live in primitive houses with mud floors and roofs of dried leaves. Their only connection to the civilized world is a weekly visit to the villages in the foothills to barter wood or livestock for salt, oil or clothing.

This last year God opened up the hearts of these people and nearly 15 families accepted the Lord as their Savior! They even built a small hut for worshiping the Lord. When we arrived we found people from 5 neighboring villages, each about 5 miles apart. Around 70 people had gathered to await our team. These included the elderly, expectant mothers and a blind woman. ServeNow provided basic medical attention to the villagers, supplying basic medicine and vitamin tonics for pregnant women and women with newborn babies. ServeNow also provided blankets for warmth during winter days when the temperature goes down to 3 degrees. The medical camp was much needed in this village. These villages are prone to diseases like malaria, typhoid and other water-borne illnesses due to the lack of sanitation, proper nutrition and lack of basic healthcare awareness.

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Please pray for pastor Ranjun and these new believers in this remote part of India. Pray that through them the Good News of God’s love and salvation in Jesus Christ will continue to spread and be received by many!

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*Name has been changed for security purposes.

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