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Revival in Uganda

Each week we are continually awed and amazed by the stories and reports we are receiving regarding the impact the Basic Series is having in individual lives, churches and schools around the world. However, the stories coming out of Uganda are nothing short of a term I do not use lightly: revival. Believers, schools and entire churches are experiencing a “revival” through these basic discipleship resources. On top of being tools of discipleship and revival, they are also being used as evangelistic tools that are resulting in people coming to faith in Christ and experiencing the wonder and joy of salvation and the forgiveness of sin!

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Below are stories from just the past three weeks in the month of March. These stories are very similar and typical of stories we have been receiving on a continual basis out of Uganda. Be encouraged! God’s word is truly “living and active!” (Hebrews 4:12). It is powerful in the lives of those who will receive it and embrace it for what it truly is: the very word of God!

Uganda, Africa

In one church, we talked about The Basic Things You Need to Know About Jesus. The Holy Spirit led us to concentrate in particular on forgiveness. During our session, the Holy Spirit ministered to members by convicting them to let go of the heavy loads they carried in their hearts. With tears, some members forgave fellow members and later, there was joy as people were reconciled.


During the coordination of the Basic Series last week, we realized that the members of a church in Lugazi hardly knew anything about salvation until they read The Basic Things You Need to Know About Salvation. Through the book, their understanding and perception about salvation has changed. The book explains the meaning of salvation and how to walk in the path of salvation, knowing that it helps us enter the fullness of God.


The Head Teacher of a Primary School said, “There has been a great transformation in students’ lives following the books.  Their morals as well as their behaviors have changed.  Students boldly share what they have leaned with fellow students.”


In another Primary School, a staff member was given an opportunity to speak to the entire school at their assembly. She witnessed students testifying and sharing through The Basic Things You Need to Know About Jesus. They encouraged each other to learn from Jesus since He was upright since His childhood.

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A pastor testified that in two of the schools he visited—-they reported that the books opened more doors to evangelism in the schools, one of them being a Muslim founded school.  The gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ was introduced to students and they in turn are reaching out to their unreached friends from all walks of faith.

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At a church, members were studying The Basic Things You Need to Know About Jesus.  One member said: These books have encouraged me to fellowship with other believers, because I know that each time I don’t fellowship, especially when we are studying the books, I miss out a lot. The messages in the books speak directly to one’s spirit. I have made sure to attend each meeting, and my life has not been the same since then.


At another church, members were studying The Basic Things You Need to Know about Reading and Studying the Bible, which was a blessing as they formed reading sessions of the whole Bible from Genesis to Revelations, which they are following, trusting that they will know the Word of God better as a team.

In still another church meeting, members discussed the lessons they learned from The Basic Things You Need to Know About Reading and Studying the Bible. One of the things they said was: The Word of God is like a mirror that reflects the standards of God to us. By looking into the mirror, we see ourselves as God sees us, and whether or not we’re living according to his Word. The Pastor said that because of the books, members have committed themselves to the Word of God.  They are no longer hearers but also doers of the Word.


At another church, members were studying The Basic Things You Need to Know About Jesus. One person confessed that until now she had not been certain about going to heaven. Yet, after reading the book, she now knows with certainly that Jesus is the only way, the truth and the life. The church members were encouraged to learn more about Jesus; how meek, humble, forgiving and loving he is.


At still another church, members were studying The Basic Things You Need to Know About Salvation.  As a result of reading this book, members of the church felt challenged and encouraged to tell others about the Gospel of Jesus, so that others too may receive the gift of salvation.


We want to invite you to partner with us to bring the Word of God and discipleship resources to believers and churches like the ones mentioned above. You can make disciples! You can equip pastors with tools they need for their congregation. You can equip churches with resources they need to be disciples. You can equip believers with the confidence and knowledge they need to share Jesus with their friends, family and community! It doesn’t take much to impact the lives of many: Equip a Church. You may be the very tool used to “spark” revival in others lives and churches!

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