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ServeNow in Uganda: Part 2

Pastors and Leaders Training

Dr. Lars Dunberg (Founder of ServeNow) and Rev. Ben Foley (President of ServeNow) visited us in Uganda in December 2014. They were key speakers in the pastors and leaders training. These ministers were edified and transformed from the inspiring teachings. They were equipped for further ministry in their respective ministries.

Booklet Series

The first set of four The Basic Things You Need to Know booklet series were translated in the local language (Luganda) that majority understand. 6,000 copies of the Basic Things you need to know about Jesus, 2,000 copies of The Basic Things You Need to Know About Reading and Studying the Bible, 2,000 copies of The Basic Things You Need to Know about Salvation and 2,000 copies of The Basic Things You Need to Know about Prayer were printed. Since December 11th 2014, over 10,000 booklets have been distributed to 151 churches in 13 districts of Mubende, Kiboga, Kyankwanzi, Mityana, Buikwe, Kaliro, Kayunga, Kibaale, Lwengo, Sembabule, Kalungu, Luwero and Masindi.

Churches read the booklets as teams i.e. they would choose a day in a week to read and study the books thus, even those illiterate have benefited.


This book on prayer transformed people’s lives. Pastors have witnessed the changes and transformation in members’ prayer lives. Prayer alters have been built in homes, churches as well as individuals.  Healing has been manifested from the bondage of unforgiveness. Prayer lives and personal relationships with God have been revived. People’s faith has been strengthened.


In Kankanda, through reading and studying this book, seven members confessed Christ as their Lord and Savior having spent several years in church but without confessing. In Kyabasiita, an unbeliever saw the pastor with these books and requested for a copy. He was given this particular one about salvation and through it, he accepted Christ and now is a church member.


This book challenged members most about the background, life and ministry of Jesus Christ. He was illiterate coming from a poor background yet preached to the literates and rich people. It should be noted that majority of the bush church members are illiterates. They were therefore challenged to serve God without any excuse. Through this book, members have actually known the Jesus they believed. Some churches have formed evangelism groups.

Reading and Studying the Bible

This book has increased the desire and passion of members to read and study the Word of God.  Many members didn’t have personal Bibles, but through this book, they know the importance of reading and studying the Bible hence, those who could afford Bibles have acquired personal copies. There is a great need of Luganda Bibles as most members cannot afford buying one.

Overall impact

  • Salvation of people.
  • Spiritual revival and maturity of church members through the insights in the books.
  • The gospel breaking into schools. Even at a Muslim Primary School, many Muslim school children have converted to Christianity after reading these booklets! Their Christian counterparts have testified to this and to the fact that the Christian faith has become stronger than Islam. However, In another Primary School, the popularity of the Booklet Series has forced the Headmaster of the school to ban the use of the booklets because of the high rate of transformation. However, his actions have not deterred the high salvation levels to which pastors and church members bear witness!
  • Commitment of members to ministry and fellowship.
  • Forgiveness and reconciliation among members of various churches.

Specific stories

Nabagesera, a member of a church said: “There are certain habits that we cannot easily let go unless God intervenes. even though I have been saved for many years, I was struggling with unforgiveness.  Everyone around me knew that it was hard for me to forgive. I was holding so many grudges on people who had wronged me and could not let go of them. As I read the booklet about prayer, it hit on me so hard that God would not forgive me or hear my prayers if I do not forgive. It was not easy dealing with unforgiveness but I cried to God to help me learn to forgive. Because of God’s grace, I was delivered. I forgave all people I was holding at heart. God gave me the boldness to approach them physically and we reconciled. I bless God for such great inspirational revelations in the booklets.”

Makona Samuel, a minister and assistant pastor of said. “I have read the basic series booklets about Prayer, Salvation, Jesus and Reading & Studying the Bible over and over again. Each time I read a particular book, it becomes fresh to me that I don’t want to stop reading it. Literature in the books is linked to scripture, which I, in turn, open to get a better understanding.  They have expanded my knowledge about the Word of God.”

Josephine Nakachwa, a member of Kitwe Gospel Messengers’ Church, testified that before she was aware of the Booklet Series, she was a victim of a spirit of fear and had lost hope in life. But after reading the booklet, her hope was restored and the Word of God was abundant in her life; she is no longer a victim of the spirit of fear.

In Kitwe, as they were studying The Basic Things You Need to Know about Jesus, Neema, a young girl in middle school testified of the following, “Through the entire book, this has given me an identity in Jesus at school. Also the message has helped me to seek Jesus to remain in a close relationship with him. This has blessed me to reach a certain level of understanding Jesus as I also teach my fellow students through these basic booklet series.”

In the Rushere district in western Uganda, a member by the name of Naomi said, “I am illiterate but I received a copy of The Basic Things You Need to Know about Jesus. I took it home and my son read for us and through the message in it, my husband got saved and now he is an active believer. I Am so happy for the book and my life has not remained the same.”

In a church in the Kaliro district in eastern region of Uganda, An elderly lady, Nabirye, who had read The Basic Things You Need to Know about Prayer, joyfully testified that, “I had never forgiven anyone because almost everyone had offended me, I felt heavily in my heart and started to see everyone as my enemy and I was not fitting in the society, yet I was a church member. When I received this book, as I was reading the topic about forgiveness, I felt like someone has pierced me. The Holy Spirit started to convict me of my unforgiveness. The Holy Spirit gave me the grace to forgive everyone. I am now happy with all people around me. The load/heaviness on my heart was lifted off and now my heart is light. I thank God for delivering me from the Spirit of unforgiveness through these books.”

In Bujayu, members were studying The Basic Things You Need to Know about Salvation. This book about salvation impacted the lives of members. One member said, “this book has helped us to evangelize because most of the common questions asked in the field are answered in this booklet, like the meaning of salvation, this book has also taught us to work for God, to walk as children of the light to manifest Christ to others.”

General observation

The books have revived members’ spiritual lives. They not only memorize scriptures but keep them at heart to help them in times of need, hence always equipped. Due to false teachings in some of the communities, a member commented that “I wish every Christian could read these books because they have and portray only the truth in God’s Word.”

In most churches, these books are studied like in a Bible College. They commented that the revelations, scriptures and examples are thorough and can be studied like in a real Bible School. Members requested for certificates at the end of the study.

Coordination of the first set of books given out was completed in November 2016. Besides, the books given out were not enough for all the church members who could read. Church members are eagerly waiting for the second set of books and more of the first set if possible. However, since more books about Jesus were printed and are still in store, pastors have recommended them to other pastors hence more distribution and coordination is underway.


  • We need your help to get Bibles to those who need a Bible and cannot afford one. We need to print and distribute 20,000 as soon possible. The full cost would be $35,000. Make a donation here: Bibles for Uganda.
  • We also need your help to print the next Basic Series books in Luganda. Each book costs $1 per person to get into their hands. Each print run of each book is 3,000 copies at a time. To sponsor a church it costs $100 on average to equip with the next book. Make a donation here for the next Basic Series books desperately needed: Basic Series Books for Uganda.
  • The Basic Series books are also available for sale in English. We believe the same type of impact and transformation could happen even in the US. At the same time, purchases will help fund the books around the world. To purchase copies of the Basic Series books click here: Basic Series Books.
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