Lives Dramatically Changed Since Receiving Training & Sewing Machine!

A little over a month and a half ago, thirty young women graduated one of our tailoring programs in Nepal (read about it here: Thirty Nepal Tailoring Students Graduate!) Here are four of their stories of how their lives have changed because of the training and since graduating…and they couldn’t be more beautiful!

Dilmaya: “I was forced to do hard labor work, it was difficult for me to get firewood. I had to go to the jungle to collect and sell them for the survival but after graduating from the tailoring school, I have a skill and machine and I am utilizing my skills which is a real blessing in my life to move forward. I really want to thank ServeNow Nepal for helping me when I was in desperate need.”

Indira: “It’s my great joy to see the drastic changes in my life through the job skill training provided by ServeNow Nepal. After the graduation, I have started a tailoring shop to generate income. So far, I have earned 7,790 Rupees and bought 2 piglets with this amount and I am very excited to see the expanded business through the training. In the daytime, I can earn through the tailoring shop and morning & evening I can work on the pig farm. My family members are very happy to see such huge changes in my life through ServeNow. Thank you for providing hope and income generating skills which enable me to look after my family through the income.”

Maya: ‘It was not easy for me to learn the tailoring skills as I had very low self-esteem but you always encouraged me, prayed for me and guided me to complete the training. Thank you so much for your investment in my life to make me skillful which enables me to save my expenses on sewing the clothes. I have started to sew clothes for my family. They are very happy as I repair our torn clothes. Now I even have confidence to use this skill as an income source for my career.”

Bhumika: ‘I am able to run the tailoring shop in my shelter as people knew and now see my job skill training which I received from ServeNow Nepal. I have already started on earning the money and it helps me to manage my expenses. My life was in miserable condition as I was not able to get any kind of training and I was losing hope in my life but while ServeNow Nepal introduce the job skill trainings and awareness programs. I was also selected for the 6 months long job skill training and I was so excited to be graduated and get the sewing machine which now I am using to generate income. I want to give thanks to the organization for saving my life, giving me skill and machine.”

***Would you like to transform the lives of other women at risk? Click here to sponsor a student, a class or provide a sewing machine: Anti-Trafficking Skill Training.

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