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Special Opportunities This Holiday Season and Year End

ServeNow has several special giving opportunities this holiday season and year end. We are so grateful for your support, prayers and partnership. Here are a few specific and meaningful ways you, your family and friends can make a difference around the world right now through ServeNow.

Bring the joy of Christmas to 7,000 orphans, refugees and physically  challenged children, families and elderly people!

Through a partner organization, ServeNow is able to deliver 7,000 pre-packed Christmas gifts to people who otherwise would not receive any gifts at Christmas. For many it will be their first time receiving a gift and hearing the Good News of Jesus Christ.This year, another small team will travel from the US to Ukraine to assist in handing out these gifts.

While we need $10,000 total for this project in this next few weeks, it only costs $1.50 per gift box, per person! Even a five-year-old boy in the US felt he had too much money in his spending envelope, so he wanted to give $3 to make possible two gifts for two people in Ukraine. This is a great project for anyone to truly make a difference with a smaller amount or a massive difference with a larger amount. To Bring Christmas Joy to Ukraine click here: Christmas Gifts

Provide Winter Coverings for People in Nepal & India who have no other heat to keep warm this winter.

Recently, our National Director in Nepal sent us an e-mail informing us that we are being flooded with desperate requests for more winter coverings, such as heavy blanketsEvery $15 can literally save one person’s life. Beyond the physical saving of lives, one woman in Asia told us of an even deeper impact of these blankets: “I experienced God’s love for me and my child through the warmth of this blanket you gave me.” A simple blanket is an expression of God’s very love. Will you help us reach more people with God’s love through warm winter blankets? To Provide Winter Coverings to People in Need: Winter Coverings.

$35,000 Matching Grant for a new School Building for hundreds of orphans and extremely poor children in Uganda!

A generous couple has put up this matching grant during this year end, to encourage others to know that their gifts will be doubled, and an entire school building can be built if we meet this match! This is at one of eight school locations where ServeNow is assisting in the education of 4,000 impoverished children. To donate towards this special matching gift opportunity:Uganda School Buildings.

Scripture & Basic Series Fund

Do you know what is expressed to us as the single greatest need in the impoverished countries we work in? It might not be what you expect. More than anything, there is a tremendous hunger and desire for God’s Word and Discipleship resources. This is in fact at the core of the ministry of ServeNow. We are partnering with over 1,4000 churches around the world. These are often new believers in very small churches, who have no access or cannot afford God’s Word. The pastors themselves have little or no training.

ServeNow has created a series of 30 booklets, just 32 pages each, called The Basic Things You Need to Know. The six books we have already systematically been giving to churches have resulted in story after story of people coming to faith in Jesus, being assured of salvation, committing to water-baptism, giving confidence to believers and sparking revival in many churches.

We have a goal of raising $75,000 by the end of this year to replenish our Scripture fund and ensure more of God’s Word gets to more people going into next year. Every $1 enables us to get a Basic Series book into the hands of one person. $375 can equip an entire small church! To Help Ensure God’s Word reaches God’s People who Need it: Scripture Fund.

Skill Training for Women at Risk of Human Trafficking

One of my greatest joys this year was being with graduates of our six-month skill training programs in Ukraine (Bakery) and Nepal (Tailoring). I heard and saw first-hand the unbelievable difference these classes make in the lives of young women at risk of human trafficking. It is more than a skill that they are receiving. It is confidence, a future, and hope of a completely new life.

Currently we have two new tailoring classes going on in Nepal and a new group of bakery students in Ukraine. In addition, we even have a new cosmetology class being taught by a refugee, to other refugees in Ukraine! In India, we have plans for more tailoring classes beginning soon.

However, we have a great need for sponsors. Every $500 provides six-month training to one woman at risk. In addition, the tailoring students will receive a gift  of a sewing machine for tailoring students, upon graduation to help them start their own business and generate an income! Click here to Sponsor a Woman at Risk: Skill Training Sponsorship.

Where the Need is Greatest

If you are overwhelmed by all the needs and not sure where to give, this category is the way to go! It is also most helpful for us, so that we can make sure funds get to where most needed as quick as possible. If you trust the mission of ServeNow and believe in our vision and model, this is a great blessing to provide the flexibility we need to meet needs. Click here to give where most needed: Where Most Needed.

Monthly Supporter

Another way to make a tremendous difference is by becoming a monthly supporter going into the new year. Monthly support is a great way to give a certain amount each month, which provides consistency and makes it possible for us to know each month what is  available for us to start with.  It helps ServeNow be able to better plan and budget each month. To become a Monthly Supporter: Monthly Supporter.

Another way to become a monthly Supporter is by signing up via the link below to have credit card purchases rounded up to the nearest dollar. You can set the daily limit on this, but it is a great way to know with every purchase, you are making a difference in someone else’s life, but having the “spare change” automatically donated! Click here to “Donate Your Change

If you prefer to give by check, you can mail your gift to ServeNow at: 5225 North Academy Blvd, Suite 206, Colorado Springs, CO 80918. To make a donation by phone, please call: 719-900-1800.

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